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Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in a woman's life. It's a moment where you don´t just put your body to the test but your adaptation capability going from a couple to a bigger family.

In the case of mommies who chose to use a surrogate, is the same process, they must adapt to this new baby or babies that are on their way.

Between the 34 and 35 weeks of your pregnancy, you should pack a bag for you and your baby, in case that your little bundle of joy decides is time to come to this world. You must be asking yourself. What are hospital bag essentials?

checkHere you have a hospital bag list 

Hospital bag checklist for baby 

Diapers: You don´t know if your hospital or clinic is going to supply them for you. So just in case take a package of them with you.

Blankets: Health centers tend to be very cold. So be sure to bring a thick and soft blanket to cover the baby when stepping out of the center.

Thick socks and mittens: They'll ensure the baby's nails won't harm him or her, besides keeping his feet and hands warmed and protected.

Nail clips: Some hospitals provide them, but it's better if you take your own, to make sure, aside from the mittens, that the nails are short and safe for their sensitive skin.

Baby wipes: The baby is going to be pooping a lot, and you need something soft to clean the bottom area. Those wipes can also help you stay as fresh as possible after delivering, in case you want to receive visits right after.

Bodysuits: The ones that open at the front are the best.

Car seat already installed: To save time while leaving the health center.

Change of clothes to get home: It's always nice to dress your baby in comfy clothes when taking him or her home, so you, your hubby and the new one are at ease all the way home.

Hospital bag checklist for mom

hospital bag checklist

Bathrobe: So you can be comfortable and if you need to walk around you´ll be much more secure and relaxed.

Nursing bras and breast pads: They are perfect for comfort while nursing and the pads will help to contain the leaking you surely will be having.

Comfortable underwear:
It's better to take disposable underwear: you are going to soil them and is better to just toss them in the trash and get a clean one right away.

Heavy duty sanitary pads: You might have some leaking while recovering from birth, so better safe than sorry.

Postpartum girdle: To tuck your tummy and make you feel more at ease to walk around while still having a small bump.

Front opening nightgowns: For breastfeeding

Lip balm:
Cold AC will get your lips chapped. To avoid that discomfort, better take your trusty lip balm.

Disposable slippers: You don't want to touch icky and cold hospital floors.

Your birth plan: If you have one.

A pillow: To feel at home.

Hospital bag checklist for dad 

hospital bag checklist
Mobile charger and phone: You will need to keep in touch with family and close friends and you can't let the chance of low battery stopping you.

Cash and change: i
t's always good to have cash for vending machines.

Important documents: Like your ID and hospital papers to avoid troubles.

Toiletries: For him and her, so you can be clean and close to comfort.

Change of clothes:
Leaving a health facility in clean clothes will help you and your significant other to keep going even when tired.

Camera and extra batteries: Not to miss any special moment.

Snacks: Being hungry and stressed is not a good combination, so always take some snacks. Besides, if the cafeteria is closed, they will save you and your partner's life.

Comfortable shoes like sneakers: The best is to be comfortable while helping deliver the new family member.

iPod: Music calm beasts, so nothing better than to take something good to listen to and read while waiting.


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