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How to start shopping clothes like an expert

How to start shopping clothes like an expert

Go shopping seems an easy task, just go to the mall or check your favorite store online and choose the things you like the most. But how many times have we bought pieces you don't need? That's why we'll give you some advices so you can have a fashion blogger's wardrobe and invest cleverly in pieces you'll definitely love to have and of course you won't stop wearing.

Rather than just buying seasonal trends it's better to spend money in must-haves and this is a great time of the year to do it. Many stores have incredible deals and it's probably you'll find those particular items that might be missing in your closet at a low price. Need help organizing your shopping plan? Here you have useful tips you have to know:

Start by doing an inventory:

Know yourself and know your wardrobe. Once a week take a hard, long, look at your closet and analyze the clothes you already have, which pieces are you wearing the most? which are the ones you're not so you can ask yourself, do I really need this? Besides helping you know the pieces you need, you'll have in mind those ones you don't. It's cool to think about which colors or shapes you wear more and determine if you want more pieces of the same or you just want a change. Always have a balance.

To shop list:

Keep your budget in mind and adapt yourself to it, in that way you'll have a useful list of the things you want to buy and you will know how much you can spend. And after knowing which garments you want and those you don't, a list is a useful tool. It's important to have a space for the essentials, why? Because they're timeless pieces you can always use at almost any occasion and are incredible for matching with a bunch of different outfits. Remember it's better to have 10 pieces you'll wear often than having 20 that you just can't match with others.

Choose your essentials:

When you're doing this, find items with the highest versatility level, think of them as the foundation of other outfits and the use you'll give to those garments. Each piece must be important in your wardrobe; these are our favorite essentials you won't regret to have with you.

 essentials for your closet

  • Lowla's jeans: Everyone loves skin jeans! What's better than having one nice pair of bluejeans with inner compression to make you look stunning all the time?
  • Diane's Shaper: More necessary than what most women think, a body slimmer will make you look great under any outfit as you reduce inches and shape your body. You'll look gorgeous in casual or formalwear.
  • Menina's shoes: Flats are perfect for either going to the park, office or a night out on the town since they're super comfortable.
  • Velez Belt: A brown leather belt from Velez will never disappoint you. Wear it with jeans, skirt or even shorts and this skinny belt can improve the way you look with any basic t-shirt!
  • Laty Rose bodysuit: A black long sleeve top is a piece you can wear with everything or a layer under anything. Try with this one!
  • Agua Bendita's jacket:  A black jacket is always a great option. It fits with anything: jeans, a neutral shirt, a skirt or even shorts. This black and white one adds some style and it's incredibly versatile.
  • Velez purse: One of the most important accessories, a bag is an essential. This brown leather one adds an extra touch to your outfits: it'll perfectly match with any color and pulls together any look you create!
  • Lowla's jeggings: Black leggings will always get you out of trouble. These can fit with long t-shirts, boots and they'll lift your butt as they shape your thighs!
  • Babalu's sportwear: Nothing better than taking care of yourself and at the same time looking stunning, we love these fashion activewear!
  • Cristian Lay: Because black matches with anything, a nice pair of earings will always complete your amazing looks.


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