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How Can Fajas Colombianas Post Surgical Undergarments Help You?

How Can Fajas Colombianas Post Surgical Undergarments Help You?

Advantages of Post Surgery Compression garments.

As women, we are all familiar with an array of undergarments, from pretty bras and waist shaping corsets to full body slimming garments. For those undergoing surgery for medical or cosmetic reasons, the use of shapewear for women takes on a whole new meaning. The time following the procedure can be extremely sensitive, painful, and difficult. The use of proper post surgical compression garments is an integral part of the healing process, often recommended by physicians for particular procedures.

Minimize Bruising and Swelling

After a surgical procedure, your body can experience a significant amount of bruising and swelling around the incision site. This can make the healing process even more painful and uncomfortable. Compression garments have been shown to increase blood flow which helps your body reabsorb the edema fluid that builds up in your tissue causing it to swell. Without compression garments, your body can take much longer to do this on its own. As the swelling subsides, bruising will begin to dissipate as well.

Scar Reduction

Pressure has been shown to reduce scarring post-surgery. Wearing a compression garment or body shaper can also aid in allowing the skin to heal evenly. By flattening and compressing the area, the incision stays straight and the tissues are forced to heal more smoothly. As the skin retracts, the garment holds it in place, reducing the chance of unsightly bumps and lumps.

Ease of Movement

Soreness around the incision site is inevitable after a surgical procedure. Bruising and swelling can also escalate this pain. Unfortunately, as part of the healing process, you will be encouraged to walk (slowly) around to prevent blood clots and reduce swelling. Compression garments will help restrict movement of skin and muscles around your incision site so healing is not compromised. This is also good to protect your body from sudden movements (coughing, sneezing, laughter, etc.).

Improved Comfort

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable, especially when you are healing from a surgery. Your body is already stressed, fatigued, and working hard to heal your muscles and incision. Discomfort can not only be annoying, it can actually slow your recovery time because your body is working harder to find comfort while performing simple, everyday tasks like walking, reaching, sleeping, etc.

Reduced Complications

Disrupting the healing process can cause major post surgery complications. If your muscles are strained, your body reacts negatively with additional bruising, swelling, and discomfort. Tearing or pulling of the incision site can cause extended recovery time and even infection. Compression garments hold your incision and the tissues around it in place so you can heal quickly and properly.

Fajas Colombianas shapewear for women has the perfect compression garments to keep your body healthy and safe during the post-surgical healing process. Whether you have had liposuction, a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, a c-section, or other surgical procedures, we have compression garments specially designed to help your body heal. Choose a postpartum girdle, a body shaping suit, and many others. Treat your body right and enjoy the full benefits of your surgery after the healing process is complete!

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