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Aspects you should consider choosing your plastic surgeon

Aspects you should consider choosing your plastic surgeon

Knowing some aspects before selecting a plastic surgeon is essential, especially if you are thinking of undergoing an aesthetic procedure. Besides, in the face of so much contradictory information, certainly, it is better to be safe than sorry.

We are not talking about looking for the cheapest or going to the first plastic surgery clinic you see online or in a classified’s directory.

The opinions of clients and professionals should be studied. The result will depend on certain factors, and to a large extent, on the person skilled in the art. 

Do you need to know what to do with the number of alternatives on the market? Don't worry! Read these tips to keep in mind when looking for the best plastic surgeons.

surgeon in the operating room

The first visit to a plastic surgeon: how important is it?

You should consider visiting a certified plastic surgeon before having the surgical procedure. You absolutely need to talk with him (if it is several times, better) and learn a little about it. Communicate your wishes, expectations, and any questions that may arise.

This specialist must give you an assessment and advise you on the best technique, the correct type of intervention, the pre-and post-operative procedure, and the possible dangers. In short, it should build your confidence and explain everything about the surgery.

There is no doubt, that what comes from there is vital. The attention and treatment that the surgeon gives you are the indications of how his procedure will be. As well as, the dedication in case you get to operate with him.

A doctor who treats you in a hurry is unprofessional. And it is likely that he will not give you the attention and care that you will need. For that reason, look for sincerity and empathy in the expert.

Types of surgery: put yourself in the hands of specialists

There are many competent doctors who perform cosmetic operations. Therefore, it is important to choose one specialized in the technique that you want to apply.

Each one has a defined field. Having a nose job is not the same as getting liposuction. It is not the same to undergo a simple stretching as to having a hair implant. Here are the differences in each technique.

For this reason, the first step is to explore previous photos of some patients who have seen that doctor. Look at people with methods comparable to yours and the results they achieved.

A good initiative is to ask for references. It is currently feasible to get in touch with other patients who underwent certain methods with that specialist. In this way, you will know their experiences.

Examine the credentials of the surgeon

When looking for a plastic surgeon, another determining element is that they are licensed. That they have studies that support it to intervene surgically: is a sign that it has undergone a strict certification process.

Find out if he is a member of a society, prestigious surgery clinic, or other recognized organization that certify that they are highly trained. The technically prepared doctor will be identified by his training standards and will generate trust both in his patients and in his team.

Don’t forget that there are many people who because they have attended courses or conferences, and have received a certificate of attendance, sell themselves as specialists. But that is no guarantee of adequate or complete training.

doctor drawing lines on a woman’s abdomen before her plastic surgery

Ratings and opinions

Definitely, you need to take the time to find a good surgeon. If you want to get the most benefit, spend time talking to people you trust and reading reviews.

Similarly, you can consult other patients. These will give you an unbiased opinion, although you must take into consideration that each method is exclusive and the experience of each one is different.

Often, an expert surgeon is highly valued. Check out their website or blog. Look for opinions and reviews that are usually left on Google or in forums that deal with aesthetic issues.

Ask questions in search of different points of view and experiences. In addition, you can find out in your environment if there are those who have undergone a procedure since their recommendations will be of great help.

The clinic must be the most suitable 

A good surgery must be performed in a correct space, where there are experts, equipment, and techniques designed for such purposes. Remember that there is no shortage of sites in the world with little credibility and that they have made the news because of their bad reputation.

This is important because it is not the same to practice a method in any place as in a clinic provided with new equipment.

Both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist are responsible for taking precautions. They make sure that the intervention is carried out in the best conditions and under strict security measures.

In addition, the pre and post-surgical are key pieces to ensure a good result. For this reason, a good plastic surgeon will tell you what and where you should perform the studies and the method.

The cost: be suspicious of cheap

Undergoing an aesthetic procedure is a serious choice, and as such, it must be assumed by both the patient and the specialist. But the cost is not the main criterion for choosing this or that plastic surgeon.

If you only look for the cheapest, you will be overlooking other priorities. Given this, you should be wary of those who offer seasonal promotions or discounts so amazing as to be real.

Generally, the best experts offer a much higher service, as happens with each of the professions. But beware! Nor is the most expensive the best. Guide yourself by your good judgment.

In conclusion: Look for confidence  

There should never be a single query (or none). Estimate the possibility of planning several with different plastic surgeons until you discover the one that best suits your needs.

Instead of focusing on getting the best offer, find the ideal specialist. If you listen to your instincts, you will have the possibility of knowing when you are meeting the right doctor, as well as his support staff.

Does your behavior and experience with him measure up? ¿Do they seem happy with their work and are they quick to answer your questions? In the long run, you will not only be putting yourself in the best hands, but you will be satisfied for the rest of your life.

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