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Embrace your scars -They are part of the process!

Embrace your scars -They are part of the process!

Still don't you know how to embrace your scars? Going through plastic surgery is something that some women want. After all, they help achieve basic goals that could hardly be achieved by other means. However, the problem of scars is always present.

Scars are something that any woman who goes through a surgical process is exposed to. Although it seems easy to deal with, when the marks come to your body, you may not accept them. That is why today we will talk about the acceptance of scars and how to speed up their recovery.

surgeon marking lines on his patient's body before the procedure

Plastic surgery always brings scars

Do you think it is difficult to embrace your scars? Most procedures inevitably lead you to them. As for how long they take to heal, these depend on different factors such as:

  • Behavior of the patient's body against the healing process.
  • Direction of incisions made during surgeries.
  • Technique used for the suturing process.
  • Excessive incisions.


In short, there are different reasons why the scar could slowly fade. In this sense, those produced after abdominoplasty stand out. One of the most demanded operations and that usually leaves the worst scars.

Abdominoplasty scars

Have you decided to undergo a tummy tuck? This is one of the most requested procedures to return to the abdomen the tension and beauty that it loses over the years. However, it can leave significant scars depending on how this plastic surgery is done

How to keep a good relationship with your body? Let's see what can you expect from the abdominoplasty.

  • The standard operation leaves a horizontal scar on the belly and another near the navel.
  • The process is known as a mini tummy tuck also leaves a horizontal but smaller scar.
  • In an extended tummy tuck, the scar is larger to be able to go through the excess skin and adipose tissue.
  • For people with weight loss, a cross-shaped scar is applied.
  • As a last resort, according to the state of obesity, a circumferential incision is applied.


This means that scars can be different greatly in shape and size. In the same way, we are talking about a characteristic that is usually a catalyst for insecurities and low self-esteem. Especially in those women who have lived many years with the skin without marks.

Accept your body, scars are normal

It is difficult to talk about embracing scars when we are in a society that lives a lot of its complexes. Stretch marks, obesity, anything can arouse insecurities and the scar is not for less. What can you do to face and overcome this reality? There are several methods to be highlighted:

  • If we talk about the prevention of plastic surgery scar complexes, we must talk about low self-esteem. If you have already been presenting sensations of this style, you should work on them before the surgery. A psychologist is the best option to overcome this state of mind.
  • Take your time and accept your body. Once you've undergone surgery, don't expect acceptance to happen overnight. You will have to wait to get used to the markings.
  • Don't be afraid to show yourself as you are. When it's time to go to the beach or pool, fears begin to arise. Showing your scar can be difficult, but you must arm yourself with courage. If you have confidence in yourself, you will never care what others say.
  • If you notice that it is very difficult to accept the situation of your scar, it is best to seek professional help. Do not be afraid to go to a psychologist to help you channel your fears.
  • Work on healing using appropriate products. Just because you must accept the scar doesn't mean it won't heal. It is essential to follow the necessary procedures so that the process is fast.


Both in abdominoplasties and any aesthetic procedure, it is essential to consider these details. Learn to love your scars, and you will see how they disappear sooner than you imagine. Of course, following the tips for efficient healing.

slim woman marking lines on her abdomen

Learn how to practice self-love while your scar heals

It sounds difficult, but it is essential, to love your body and love the process and time will pass faster than you imagine. Meanwhile, you can follow the tips that will allow you to ensure a speedy recovery:

  • After the operation is over, you should ask what the cream is to heal after surgery. Your doctor should recommend an option that suits your needs, but also your budget.
  • Use a post-surgical faja to speed up the process. This type of product is specially designed for abdominal scars, such as postpartum and abdominoplasty.


Not only the cream is essential, but also the postoperative faja due to the enormous benefits it offers. Among these, we can highlight that:

  • Prevents typical bruises from forming after abdominoplasty. After all, it is a garment that reduces the chances of blood pooling.
  • Precisely because of the lower accumulation of fluids in the scar areas, there are fewer chances of infection.
  • The pressure exerted by the faja helps prevent ripples from forming on the skin. In this way, the abdomen will be uniform after recovery.
  • Blood circulation is improved in the area pressed by the faja. This means that healing will take less time.


    As you can see, we are not saying that embracing your scars is not the way to go. Nevertheless, while you are in that acceptance process, a self-love process, you must take steps to speed up the recovery in pro of your mental health. That is why you must have the best postoperative fajas to optimize the disappearance of the scar.

    Acquire the best postoperative fajas for plastic surgery scars

    At Shapes Secrets, we have the best Colombian fajas at unbeatable prices. Are you living the stage of empowerment to face your scar? Do not neglect recovery and wear the post surgical fajas that we offer you here. You will see how those marks on your skin will disappear sooner than you imagine.

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