There‘s no doubt that post-surgical girdles offer a non-surgical method to trim off measurements in the body areas with the highest percentage of fat accumulation. In addition, these compression garments help tissue to keep firm and stable in its new position after liposuction or a tummy tuck.

The treated areas of your body after an aesthetic surgery are shaped up in a harmonious way, thanks to the use of post-surgical girdles, reducing sizes off your back and all the treated sections of your body, including arms, legs, hips or bust, helping to recover your figure so you can look thinner and sexier.

These specific shaping results in your body are called lipo-transportation, a method that is only possible with shapewear for women, without the use of needles or scalps; you can achieve them if you decide to wear them after a Liposuction or Abdominoplasty.

Post-surgical Girdles for Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction is an aesthetic treatment in which the body fat that is found under the skin is eliminated through a small cut through the use of a hollow stainless steel tube. When the fat deposit has been removed, the standard procedure is to leave the incision open to allow excess fluid and blood to drain from the wound and to manage the edema.

To help in the recovery process after liposuction, specifically in the wound area, your doctor will cover it with absorbent dressings designed to minimize adherence to the wound and manage exudate. These pads will be kept in place thanks to the post-surgical shapewear that you choose as your compression garment.

If you are looking for any suggestion about which Colombian girdles to wear, we’d like to recommend Fajas Salome 0525 Full Body Faja for Weight Loss. Made of Powernet, this post-surgical girdle features high compression and resistance. It molds, reduces measurements, corrects your posture and stylizes your silhouette. It also helps the skin breathe avoiding irritation and B.O. This reference is also ideal for people who have been exposed to arms or thighs liposuction.

Fajas Salome 0525 Colombian Lipo Compression Garment Post Surgery Shapewear for Women

If you wear the ideal post-surgery compression garments for the treated area, not only it will help you to shape up your figure even better but it will also help in reducing sizes. It’s an excellent ally if you decide to undergo surgery; you’ll be delighted since the results will be better than expected. Everything will be much more practical, convenient and effective.

Post-Surgical Girdles for Tummy Tuck Recovery

After pregnancy or a drastic weight loss, a tummy tuck is an ultimate option for many people. It is the reconstruction of the abdominal wall, removing the excess skin and surgically shaping up the abdomen and waist. After this procedure, it is important that the tissue is kept in place and the wounds well covered. By wearing a tummy tuck girdle, this problem will be solved. Thanks to the compression, tissues will stay in place and the bandages will remain clean and protected.

We have a variety of post-surgical girdles. For a tummy tuck, we recommend Diane & Geordi 2397 Post-surgical Girdle with Zipper, you’ll find it from size XS to 4XL. By wearing it, you will have not only the abdomen but the silhouette you always dreamed of, it’ll also control your waist and highlight your hips at the same time. It has Powernet for added compression and inner cotton lining that allows you to move comfortably. Our tummy tuck girdle is perfect to get better results after your cosmetic surgery.

Diane and Geordi Fajas 2397 | Lipo Compression Garment Full Body Shaper | Postsurgical Girdle

How long should I wear my post-surgical girdle?

Wearing Colombian shapewear after a surgical intervention will speed up the healing process; you’ll notice faster results if you follow your plastic surgeon’s advice.

In Shapes Secrets, we suggest you consult with your physician since recovery time will depend on his methodology as a specialist.


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