5 Best Body Shaper Postpartum

5 Best Body Shaper Postpartum

What is the best body shaper postpartum? If you have wondered what the best postpartum girdle is, that would be the one that helps you improve your posture, provides you with support while you get your pre-baby figure back. Why do you wear a surgical girdle postpartum, and which one suits you the best? Check our top postpartum girdles:

  1. Salome 0216 Body Shaper Postpartum
  2. Fajas MYD 0068 Surgical Girdle Postpartum
  3. Diane & Geordi 2405F Postpartum Girdle
  4. Fajas MariaE 9334 Post Pregnancy Girdle
  5. Postpartum Girdle Sonryse 053 

Why and how do I wear a  surgical girdle postpartum?

During pregnancy, your midsection is deflated, and the abdominal muscles are separated due to your growing baby. Depending on your body, it’ll take a while for these muscles to regain strength and return to its normal size. No one is equal, which is why the recovery time of the process might vary.

After giving birth, we must adapt ourselves to a whole new figure and experience real transformation most probably feeling with less confidence and discomfort. Wearing a body shaper postpartum is an effective, and comfortable choice after giving birth to regain your confidence back quicker.

One of the main advantages of wearing a surgical girdle postpartum is the compression and comfort combination this garment has to offer. Its design and ease of use make this garment wearable every day, everywhere.

How to select the best postpartum girdle?

  • First, make sure your fajas for postpartum have several levels of compression, so you can adjust the control needed as your figure slims down through the days.
  • Select a girdle with an inner microfiber lining, so you can feel at ease and happy.
  • Select a design that gives you freedom of movement and adapts to your new routine. There are so many options to choose from: waist cinchers, bodysuit shapewear, boyshort - mid-thigh, knee – capri length style and so many others. 
  • The tighter the girdle, the bigger the problem so make sure to select the correct one. Measure your waist, and choose according to the chart. If you are between sizes, choose one size above.
  • Do some research, ask for advice, opinions to select the most reliable and appropriate postpartum fajas for you. We recommend our post pregnancy girdle Collection with many years of experience in the market and proven quality. Check our catalogue.

Which postpartum girdle is best?

We briefly present to you the best postpartum girdle available. You can use them depending on your needs and preferences, with great variety from fabrics to designs.

1. Salome 0216 Body Shaper Postpartum

This body shaper is perfect for several reasons: It will give you the ideal support to maintain your back posture right, in a moment when you'll definitely forget how to take care of this area.

Another advantage: Its bust opening (underbust style) will allow you to wear any type of nursing bra becoming very comfortable when breastfeeding. The flat seams and zipper make this girdle unnoticeable under clothing. As if it weren’t enough, this postpartum girdle has a butt lifter effect with capri length design so your hips and thighs will be also covered.

2. Fajas MYD 0068 Surgical Girdle Postpartum

Another available is this tummy shaper that features two hook- and-eye levels that allow you to select the amount of compression wanted during your postnatal recovery.  

With removable straps and a zipper in the crotch for more comfort. This body shaper postpartum is highly resistant thanks to the fabric it is made of, Powernet. Its inner microfiber lining will make it fresh, comfortable and easy to use.

    This is the perfect answer if you are wondering how to start your recovery process after pregnancy and shape your silhouette at the same time. It has the perfect combination between its compressive and elastic properties thanks to its prime component, Powernet.

    The strapless style allows you to pair it with your favorite bra, including nursing bras when breastfeeding. It has a hook and eye closure in the crotch giving comfort when using the bathroom.

      This surgical girdle postpartum can be used with any kind of clothing without losing style or finesse and what’s best, it’s unnoticeable.

      Perfect for everyday use with the purpose of shaping your body and to start getting your silhouette back. This girdle offers the compression needed and the opportunity to adjust it thanks to the three hook and eye closure system. You can even keep continuing using it after losing all those extra pounds after pregnancy.

        In Shapes Secrets, we are always interested in your comfort, especially after delivery, besides you don't have to sacrifice your style and elegance. That's why the Colombian Sonryse is perfect to outline your silhouette while highlighting your natural curves. What else can you ask from a postpartum girdle?

        Sonryse 053 Body Shaper improves your figure, controls your abdomen and hips while you breastfeed your baby comfortably. The girdle has a bra that can be unbuttoned when required. This Postpartum Girdle gives you freedom of movement and adapts to your new routine while it goes almost unnoticed thanks to its flat seams and smart fabric. It also has Vitafit®, a component that moisturizes your skin while the smart fabric of the girdle gives you the compression you need.


        How long should you bind your belly after birth? 

        First of all, make sure you get the OK from your physician before starting to use any abdominal binder since your body has undergone deep changes throughout pregnancy. There is no real time limit on how long you can keep using a body shaper postpartum during the day, it really depends on how much support you want as you regain your pre baby bod. Shapewear postpartum, and postpartum wrap or bands specifically, should be worn for as long as they are comfortable.

        Advantages of wearing a wrap belly postpartum

        • Helps with the healing process after C-section, decreases inflammation and discomfort for the first few weeks after the surgery.
        • Improves back posture.
        • Visually reduces inches and shapes your body. Show off your newly- stylized silhouette from the very first moment.
        • Some designs are open bust (or underbust) which are a great help when breastfeeding. 

        Recommendations for using a Post Pregnancy Girdle

        • Each new mommy’s body is different.  We suggest you ask your doctor some pieces of advice about what girdle fits your needs. Select the one which will be convenient for you before taking any decision.
        • Another recommendation we can give you: combine the uses of wearing a postpartum girdle with a healthy diet and some exercise. We know that probably you won’t have much time to exercise in a gym but take at least 30 minutes to run. Even just taking a walk with your baby around the park you will help to speed up your recovery process.

        There are several points of view that contradict the uses of a wrap belly postpartum, it’s been proven that in most of the cases it can be highly positive in the recovery process after giving birth.

        The advantages are not manly physical but emotional as well. Wearing a surgical girdle postpartum will boost women’s confidence, give freedom of movement and security during this special period when women tend to suffer postpartum depression, a very common and natural effect.

        Our postpartum girdle is a practical, reliable and durable compression garment. Thanks to its design and fabric you will feel comfortable and confident during the time you wear them.

        If you still have any doubts about Colombian fajas after pregnancy, please consult your doctor and check our new post pregnancy girdle collection. Click here

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