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Plastic surgery for men has arrived

Plastic surgery for men has arrived

In the times we live in, plastic surgery for men has become normalized. Men have left behind their prejudices and go to plastic surgery consultations without complexes.

The men looking for body improvement are usually those over 40, divorced, or single. They want a radical change in their lives and see cosmetic surgery as the best option to achieve it. If you are interested in more about the subject, here we will clarify some doubts.

muscular man showing six pack abs

Plastic surgery for men

Plastic surgery for men is a procedure that has been on the rise in recent years. The mode of working from home has been used by many men to undergo body changes.

Thanks to remote work, people can go through their recovery period without any setbacks. In the case of men, this is a great advantage, since they will have their rest without having to give so many explanations.

Today's men take more care of their figure, exercise, and diet constantly. In some cases, they manage to see results with just those measures, but in others, it is not so easy. Hence, the decision to visit the surgeon to find a quick and effective solution.

The plastic surgery most requested by men is liposuction. At a certain age, it is more difficult to eliminate the fat accumulated in certain areas just by exercising. In addition, they take the opportunity to reuse the extracted fat in another area of the body that they want to improve, such as the buttocks.

Liposuction for men

Liposuction is a plastic surgery or a kind of weight loss surgery for men that consists of extracting localized fat in a certain area of ​​the body. In men, liposuction is more common in areas such as the abdomen, jowls, pectorals, and waist.

It is a slightly invasive procedure: a few incisions through which to insert the cannula are sufficient. As a result of this, the recovery time after surgery is very short. In this period, it is important to use a postoperative girdle for the time indicated by the doctor.

Liposuction has also been on the rise among athletic men who are not getting the results they want from working out. Some take advantage of this surgery to give volume to the pectorals or buttocks using the extracted fat.

For the most part, men who request abdominal liposuction seek to define the famous six-pack. It's about those muscles that are marked in the form of a chocolate bar when there is no fat on them. In this case, the surgical procedure consists of extracting fat in a controlled way to make the muscles more visible.

What kind of man undergoes plastic surgery?

The men who most frequently consult for cosmetic surgery are:

  • Over 40 years old.
  • Those who have problems reducing certain areas of their body, whether they diet or exercise.
  • The divorced, looking for a new look.
  • Singles who want a more defined and attractive figure.


Likewise, plastic surgery for men is not limited to this specific group of people. If you meet the conditions to be a candidate for surgery, then you can go under the knife to improve your appearance.

Advantages of liposuction in men

If you are thinking of having liposuction, some of its benefits are:

  • Reduction of accumulated fat.
  • Muscle definition.
  • Lower volume.
  • The results are natural since it is not necessary to introduce any material or substance into your body.


In general, you don’t have to stay in a clinic since the anesthesia is not complete, which already means a risk reduction. There are another common surgery in men like nose job and hair transplants that don't require a girdle.

medical team performing a tummy tuck in an operating room

Postoperative abdominal faja for men

After undergoing abdominal surgery, the use of a postoperative faja is essential. The purpose of the girdle is to help keep the tissues of the intervened area in place. In this way, the recovery is faster and safer.

Besides, after going through the operating room, it is advisable to follow the doctor's instructions to the letter. It will result in a smooth and uncomplicated recovery process. Of course, among these indications is the use of a faja.

Most men who come for abdominal surgery find it difficult to use a post-operative faja. Whether for work reasons or because they find it uncomfortable, the fact is that it is difficult for them to adapt to this garment.

Postoperative fajss can be purchased online or in physical stores. Those designed for men are lightweight, invisible underclothing, and can be worn daily.

Advantages of the post-operative faja

Using a faja after abdominal surgery offers many advantages, such as:

  • It helps in the recovery process by keeping the tissues in the area fixed.
  • Besides, it keeps the surgical wound protected from contaminating agents.
  • It also prevents inflammation of the abdominal and thoracic areas.


It is important to acquire the faja that best suits your needs and gives you the comfort you want.

Freedom of choice for plastic surgery for men

Times of cosmetic surgery only for women are now in the past. Every day, more men consult with a plastic surgeon to improve their body image. Whatever the reason, men have broken the mold in the field of cosmetic surgery. They are not afraid to go under the knife to correct or improve what they don't like about their body.

If you have the money, the desire, and the medical clearance, go for it!

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