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Fajas Colombianas: What is an Abdominal Support Board?

Fajas Colombianas: What is an Abdominal Support Board?

What does an Abdominal Compression Board do?

The abdominal support boards you put under your C Section girdle are made with a material that allows you to keep going on with your everyday life but with the confidence that your tummy will be “as flat as a board” thanks to a little extra help hidden under your faja colombiana.

What better than to have something that will help you get the body shape you desire?


Liposuction boards are the perfect complement to your Post Surgical Compression Garment, which are made of a fabric that allows your skin to breathe while wearing the girdle, and at the same time helps to lessen pain and all the discomfort you’ll have when going through recovery after your surgical procedure.

You can find the post liposuction Abdominal Table Salome 2507, MYD 0103or MYD 0104 in the section of Post Surgery Boards.


This Girdle boards are ment to do a few things:

  • Helps to prevent liquid retention. Along side your faja
  • Its neutral color allows you to wear it with any type of Faja.
  • Helps to flatten the skin after liposuction.

Why is it important?

After you go under a large procedure, like a tummy tuck or lipo, you need to prevent any kind of damage to your skin. Meaning, you need to treat yourself with the best tools available to have a flat and soft skin with the least discomfort, and that is achievable with a Colombian Body Shaper and an abdominal board, that flattens the skin to prevent scar tissue to form, at the same time it will help you to enhance your posture and shape not only you tummy but your sides and back. Plus they are hypoallergenic.

This compression garment and board can be used under any type of clothes because they are invisible under them, no matter how tight. 

Advantages of Post-Surgical Abdominal Board

  • They are comfortable and specially designed for everyday usage after surgery.
  • They help recover faster after liposuction.
  • They feature standard sizes so you can be sure they will provide perfect adjustment.
  • Can be worn under any girdle or compression garment of your choice.

 In this video, you can learn how to put on an Abdominal Board with MYD T104 girdle.  Visit our Post-Surgical Accessories collection to find out more about our products.  


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