Fajas MYD 0103 | Ab Board After Lipo

$ 19.99

MYD Fajas 0103 | Ab Board After Lipo

We want to help you with your new silhouette for better, MYD Fajas offers you the best abdominal compression board . The ab board after lipo flattens and slims your tummy. It is the adequate compression complement you need after surgery.

Our post lipo compression board are really helpful for flattening your abdominal skin after any cosmetic procedure. Easy to use, you need to place the ab board after lipo between the panty or girdle to hold up to your abdomen.

MYD Fajas compression board is 100% cotton. Feel the comfort and softness of this post lipo compression board . Foams help give compression in addition to the girdle you selected. The most exclusive and discrete design. MYD Fajas ab board after lipo has a comfortable foam padding that protects your delicate skin.

Our abdominal compression board helps you to avoid lumps and areas of hardness. The ab board after lipo comes in a neutral color, so you can use it under any tight MYD Fajas.

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