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Girdles for Men: Men Shapewear

Girdles for Men: Men Shapewear

men shapewear

Fajas for Men, Back Pains and Good Posture

Back pains are more common than people think, and they can come from different sources, such as, sitting for a long time in the same position, like people who work at banks or register machines, even those who stand with a hunched back can suffer from back pains, and if not treated they might become a regular a serious problem.

Sometimes medication can help to lessened the symptoms, a visit to the chiropractor is a great idea as well and there are countless natural remedies that can help you to reduce and with time, eliminate back and neck pains.


men shapewear

Natural Remedies

Temperatura Hot and Cold


This technique is not only used to relieved back pain but almost any kind of muscle pain, because it allows for the muscle to relax and heal.

It must be applied with a towel wrapped around ice and placed on the affected area for about twenty minutes, and then remove it for the skin to go heat back for five minutes, then you must put another towel soaked in hot water on the same area for another twenty minutes. This process must be done four times and repeat it throughout four days.

Mano Massages

A massage with essential oils will always to relax tense muscles after a long day of work. There are two oils that can easily be made at home.

  • Lavender and marjoram. You can make this oil with baby oil or olive oil with some lavender leaves inside, you should let it sit for four days and then you can rub the pained area for a few minutes with circular movements.
  • Chamomile oil. You can make it by using fresh chamomile flowers on a jar with a top and leaving it in oil and at the sun for two weeks, then you store it in the fridge and you must heat it a little before using it.
  • Ani inflammatory ointments. This are of free sale on drugstores and can be used according to the amount of pain and frequency of pains, with the same circular movement than the oil, the difference is that this have the capability to heat up due to friction and get really cold after to give a hot/cold feeling to the affected area.

  Compression faja   Compression Faja

Compression fajas are not only made to make you look good, but also to help with several other body issues that many people can have, whether they voice it out or not, and they have been used by men for many years without being an issue, because in regular cases compression garments can even be the difference between having a healthy life of suffer from severe back pains for the rest of their lives.

A waist cincher or a wais trainer is very helpful when the person is at the gym and is lifting really heavy weight, because the back needs supports for hernias not to appear. This type of fajas Colombianas are ment to help not only people at the gym, but at work as well, because even if you are sitting the whole day long, back pains can show up to cause distress and turn into a medical condition.

With the right shapewear garment, you can avoid lower and upper back pains because the Colombian Body Shapers, help you sit and stand with a straight back, this aligns the column and, besides adding you a few inches, beside the fajas are hypoallergenic and helps reducing back distress and even those shoulder pains that are so uncomfortable while working.

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