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Keep your Body Shape Stylized with Salome’s Everyday use Girdles’

Keep your Body Shape Stylized with Salome’s Everyday use Girdles’

Everyday Girdles by Salome

Every woman wishes to have the body of their dreams; a body like a sculpture: zero fat around the waist or a flaccid body. It is not necessary to have a plastic surgeon because you can make good use of a girdle. This is a super simple and uncomplicated task!

In recent years the popularity of the everyday use girdles’ has increased; any woman can use one. In fact the everyday use girdles’ are becoming more ideal for a healthy body without losing the style. Although it is true, many women are terrified with the thought of a shapewear and it’s mostly for their design. They think that the ancient concept remains equally in all brands, but this is not so.

In fact Fajas Salome offers a wide range of compression fajas models to enjoy the daily use of a girdle, where the quality is also hand in hand with style.



Salome 0216 Body Shaper

These Salome’s everyday use girdles’ are perfect to lose some inches of your figure. One of the goals of this fascinating Colombian girdle is they gradually shape the figure. This means that the progress that a woman wants it will be slow, but sure. That is why the Salome girdles for ladies are as comfortable as possible; so that they not even feel or remember having a compression garment under their clothes.

heartKnowing more Salome

The Salome’s everyday use girdles’ are designed with an innovative product on the market, which has the name of PowerNet. The fabric of the shapping garment is designed to have a longer period of durability and essential for the customer to down the sizes they need. However, this body shaper has a process of drying very quickly and easily also thanks to the perfect fiber the clients can have a better fit on their figure.

Its use must be constant if you want to see the desired changes in your body. Salome’s Colombian Body Shapers are recommended to be used for at least 4-5 hours per day a week. Once the body gets used to it, is advisable to increase those five hours to 8 hours (maximum 10). This will make a fully healthy process on your body.

Light BulbRecommendations

It is true that butt lifter girdles are an easy and convenient way to shape the body; however, their use should be controlled under certain recommendations, otherwise their misuse can cause problems on your body.

To avoid inconveniences, it is advisable to opt for the perfect colombian shapewear size and this should be based on the waist and hips of the person. One alternative is to look for counseling with a doctor who will give you the necessary guidance on the type of girdle that suits your body shape better.

Of course it is always possible to take a few minutes and call the customer service. They will be happy to answer you any question about the topic.

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