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Lose Those Extra Pounds Using Diane & Geordi Postpartum Girdle

Lose Those Extra Pounds Using Diane & Geordi Postpartum Girdle

Use Postpartum Girdle, experts recommend it…

A pregnancy is one of the stages, on a woman’s life, which completes one of the most special cycles. Having a child represents, bring to the world a part of each one to make a beautiful being that will fill life with laughter and incomparable moments.

But at the same time, the body suffers changes that will last and transform life completely, because when having one, two or even three babies inside your belly stretches the abdominal wall, including muscles, that many times get to set apart, and skin, therefore is of great help to have a tool that help the belly to go back to its pre baby state.

Many people choose a “natural” option, if I had certain shape before then it will go back there after, and have that post baby body they all want to show.

Others, including doctors recommend the use of a Faja Colombiana or Postpartum Girdle as a way to give support not only to the abdomen, which already had to carry a new life, but the lumbar area, that many times can suffer due to the extra weight that had to endure during pregnancy.

Faja postoperatoria

FajaColombianaPost-Surgery Girdle

Post-surgery girdles  are highly recommended when instead of a natural birth, a C Section had to be performed, where the lower abdominal area suffered more due to the procedure.

After-surgery girdles are especially design to hold and contain the area where the surgery was done and very be treated really carefully, girdles help to relieve much of the discomfort that might surface during recovery.


  1. The constant use of a Colombian Faja will considerably improve the posture, relieving back pains and bother on the lumbar area caused by curving the back.
  2. Every shapewear allows you to have a slender shape on the middle area of your body, shaping thighs, waist, hips and butt, and at the same time gives a feeling of safety because the compression garment keeps everything in place while wearing it. And in many cases driving to a self-esteem boost, when women see their bodies with a similar shape as prior the pregnancy.
  3. All compression girdles help to relieve pains that might surface during pregnancy recovery. Especially when is a C Section, where the area must be treated carefully so it heals correctly and are hypoallergenic, so are ideal for any type of person.



  1. Colombian fajas must not be used too tight because the skin and muscle might get hurt.
  2. You must take a break from using Girdles. A day without using your butt lifter Compression Faja every two days of use is a good way to make the muscles to gain strength again.


Conclusion Conclusion

The postpartum recovery process is different for every person. It will depend on the skin, metabolism and how much care you had before, during and after pregnancy. Besides the use of a post-partum girdle and post-surgery compression garment will always be of great help to contain the skin that was left hanging after having the baby, so the healing process is optimum and the pregnancy troubles could be less and bearable.

The final call will always be from the new mommy. The fact of using a tummy tuck girdle every day, even after the belly got back in place, by acquiring a tighter everyday use body shaper or c section bodysuit, will be a matter of feeling comfortable with the bodyshaper, the brand and also the final results.

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