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How to Put on a Faja?

How to Put on a Faja?

how to put on a faja

My First Girdle: How to Put my Faja On?

When you buy an everyday faja or a postpartum girdle is normal to be a little worried about, how to put it on, how it will fit and how will you feel when using it?. They are normal worries and there is only one way to set them aside. Putting your everyday use faja on!

There are little steps to put them on, and you can figure your own way around it once you get used to it, and some people can be comfortable doing some things other people don’t. So take this as a basic guide, not a set of rules.



First: You need to have a clean dry skin to avoid the faja sticking to the skin while putting it on.

There are two ways of starting and you can do both either sitting or standing, which ever makes you comfortable.

One: Turn you girdle inside out and then put one leg on each leg of the garment.

Two: Take one leg of the compression girdle and roll it up, like you do a pantyhose not to tear it, and gently put your right leg on the right hole, repeat the process with the other leg.

Second: Holding you everyday use faja from the top of the legs and start to pull up till it sits comfortably on your thighs. There are different lengths of compression garments, but the process is the same, pull it up till thighs, mid thighs, knees or calf.

Third: Hold your faja Colombiana at the top and start pulling up till it reaches your waist.

Compression Girdle


Fourth: Take the straps of the post-surgery faja and finish adjusting it to your shoulders. If your faja has no straps then hold the sides of the faja and pull up till it’s comfortably adjusted to your torso, making sure there are no wrinkles on the compression garment.

Fifth: To start fastening the Colombian compression garment, first pull the sides of it from the back to your bellybutton as much as you can, so the fastening process gets easier. Then, start from the bottom hook, so you don’t miss anyone and have to start all over again. 

Use the first line of hooks to start using your Colombian Faja, so when it starts stretching and your body changes you can use the second row to tight it even more.  If it has zipper, then make sure your skin is out of the way, to avoid pinching it in the process.

Sixth: Make sure you are using comfortable and breathable underwear, to avoid infections and overheating your body throughout the day and to be able to use your Colombian compression garment for longer before needing to wash it.

Enjoy your new silhouette with your everyday use compression Faja and make sure you have more than one, to be able to use them every day without worrying about not having a spare one for the day.

We invite you to check this LINK to see in detail how to put on you Colombian compression garment.

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