Everything you need to know about wearing a girdle

What are fajas good for?

Fajas are foundation garments designed to transform your look and exude confidence with any attire you choose to put on. How does fajas work? They help to control and conceal unwanted bulges or lumps. While losing weight through diet and exercise takes time and effort, fajas have become women’s must-haves to reveal the best version of their figures in no time. 

What does wearing a Faja do? The right faja can provide you with great benefits:

  • Slimmer look: Since the moment you try it on, your appearance changes for the better. You’ll feel the right compression over the areas you need to control.
  • Support: When you talk about fajas, control comes to mind. However, comfortable support is also important for your health. For instance, bust and back support are crucial to improving your posture.
  • Increased thermal activity and blood flow: Fajas increase thermal activity which has a positive effect on your blood flow and plays an important role in getting rid of toxins. In the end, this process can accelerate weight loss.
  • Minimizes cellulite appearance: Fajas not only tackle flabbiness but also tones up your skin. Cosmetic surgeons often recommend their use after certain medical procedures to enhance shaping results.

Let's be honest and accept that we have always thought about how we would look with a Colombian fajas on. We've always wanted to look good and wondered if you should pair our clothes with a girdle. Let’s break these myths down and give fajas a chance.

Sometimes, wrong thoughts and misconceptions that we have ever heard about the use of compression garments surround us. As a result, we discarded them due to a lack of information.

On this blog, we will break several myths that exist regarding the use of a girdle for women.

Myth: Do Colombian fajas help you to lose weight?

False. No girdle can help you lose weight but dropping measurements. The girdle’s effect is immediate visually, but your weight will not change. Colombian fajas to lose weight do not exist, but they can be your allies in your workout routine and eating plan.

On this makeover, you can wear two kinds of girdles that will help you get the desired results faster than expected.

If you are interested in losing weight while you are working out, we suggest a Thermo sweat body shaper like Fajas Laty Rose 1020 | Waist Cincher Tummy Control Colombian Shapewear | Daily Use & Workout Girdles for Women. It's a must-have due to its lovely color and adjustable hook & eye closure that flattens your tummy and smooths your waist while you train.

In the following video you can get to know more about this girdle:


If you want to drop a few sizes while you follow up a meal plan, we recommend our 10 tips to reduce measurements with our Everyday Body Shapers blog where you will find an infographic about how to drop inches plus suggested girdles according to your needs.

Myth: Can I exercise with any kind of Colombian girdle?

There is a wide variety of sweat body shaper designs that provide you with several benefits. We cannot work out with any girdle, there is a special collection created with specific fabrics that ease their use when exercising.

If you would like to know which Colombian fajas for exercising we have available, visit our Workout Waist Trainer collection and choose the one that suits you best.


Myth: Are Colombian fajas only for women?

Most compression garment brands also offer their products to men. Boys also look forward to improving their figure and even undergo plastic surgery that requires the use of a Colombian girdle.

On our blog, we have delved into all these issues. Men are also our favorite customers. Just for them, we invite you to catch up on our blog where we recommend different girdle styles: Everything you need to know about Men’s Shapewear.


Myth: If I use plastic wrapping under my Colombian girdle, will I lose measurements faster while sweating?

The correct use of a girdle along with the right diet and exercise routine will help you reduce measurements without using other types of products that could put your skin's health at risk.


Myth: Do Colombian fajas squeeze my organs?

When choosing a Colombian girdle, it’s important to know your ideal size so that your inner organs stay in their natural position without affecting your health status.

It’s necessary to know the size that suits best and makes you feel comfortable and slim at the same time.

Do fajas shape your body? The answer is an irrefutable Yes, but they have so much more to offer. Check out all the benefits of our Colombian girdle:

  • Shapes your figure.
  • Improves your posture.
  • Smooths bulges.
  • Flattens the abdomen.
  • Lifts your buttocks. 
  • Molds hips and thighs.
  • Post-surgical girdles improve healing.
  • Post-partum girdles offer extra abdominal support.
  • Outlines your waist.
  • Lifts your breast.

Go ahead and enjoy the remarkable benefits only a girdle can provide: health and well-being. Find out more on our blog: How to choose the perfect Colombian shapewear?


Myth: The longer the hours I wear a girdle, the faster will I see the results?

Ideally, if it is your first time wearing a Colombian girdle, use it for 6 hours tops. With time, you can lengthen the time until you reach the 8 hours recommended for the daily use of your favorite girdle.

In this case, we recommend our Fajas de Uso Diario collection to choose the one you like the most and highlight those curves you want to flaunt.


Myth: Can I sleep with my Colombian girdle on?

In any case, the answer is NO. At night, you should feel relaxed and sleep as sound as possible. The use of the Colombian girdle while you sleep can alter the normal functioning of your body and compromise your pleasant sleep. This habit will not throw any positive results for your body.


Myth: Is my Colombian girdle noticeable under clothing?

Over time, compression garments design has evolved with a new technology that makes them imperceptible under clothing and silk-satin soft.

Get to know Diane & Geordi 2405F | Postpartum Body Shaper C section. This girdle smooths your waistline, flattens your abdomen, defines your hips, and highlights your derriere. It has removable straps so it can be used with any outfit. It also features medium compression with a side zipper closure. All these features make it perfect as an undetectable girdle under your clothes.


what are fajas good for


If you want to keep it from being noticed, then choose a reference that slides on your body. Its design does not need zippers or hooks, like Fajas MYD 0216 | High Waisted Shapewear Shorts For Women that have silicone bands so they don’t ride up under your breasts or thighs.

What are fajas good for fajas colombianas

Just remember that if you need to wear a Colombian girdle for postpartum or postsurgical reasons, compression should be higher. Hence, they feature zipper or hook & eye closure. In some cases, both.


Myth: Does sweating cause skin rashes?

Our Colombian fajas are hypoallergenic. Their fabrics are mostly made of cotton so irritation will not be a problem. If you have delicate skin, please take this feature into account when choosing a girdle.


Myth: Can I wear the same girdle my whole life?

It is a fact that girdles have a fairly long lifespan, but all things have an expiration date. Girdles can lose their compression or boning firmness over the years.

We recommend to change your girdle now and then and even have another one while the other is being washed.


Myth: Can I wash machine my Colombian girdle?

Girdles should be hand washed preferably. If we use the washing machine, we could alter its shape and fabrics. Use soft products with a balanced Ph and a soft cloth (not a brush) to remove stains.

Watch the following video and learn to see how to wash your girdle:

We would like to know if you have more doubts about our girdles and be able to answer them by clicking here.

We have heard all these myths and, in our case, they are common questions from our clients. Thank you for joining us to solve them.