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What does a faja do after liposuction?

What does a faja do after liposuction?

To enjoy a successful recovery after liposuction, it is necessary to use a girdle, it not only reduces discomfort but it also improves results after surgery. That being said, we know you are still wondering what the benefits of wearing compression garments after liposuction are.

  • Allows adhering loose skin to the muscle.
  • Decreases tissue inflammation.
  • Reduces distress and pain that usually develops after liposuction
  • Avoids liquid retention.
  • Prevents bleeding.
  • Reduces sagging.
  • Corrects your posture.
  • Provides control and support for your recovery.
  • Improves circulation and reduces inflammation.
  • Features Vitamin E that contributes to healing and smoothes your skin, avoiding scar irregularities.


Why is compression important after liposuction? How long should I wear compression garment after liposuction? These are just two of the most common doubts before cosmetic surgery. There are many uncertainties about how we should take care of ourselves and what information or accessories we need to avoid any risk after cosmetic surgery

We talked with surgeons, patients, and manufacturers to tackle common questions such as why is compression important after liposuction, how long should I wear my faja after lipo, how tight should my compression garment be after liposuction? And last but not least, how to pick the right faja? Read on our blog and find out the answers to all these questions and more.

Why is compression important after liposuction?

Doctor and plastic surgeon Carolina Ruiz explains why it is mandatory wearing post surgery fajas colombianas after certain procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck or dermolipectomy.

"When you introduce the cannula (thin tube) under subcutaneous cellular tissue, you create a hollow space between the aponeurosis and the skin that should not exist. During this procedure, you break certain structures such as lymphatic and blood vessels, which causes bleeding. The girdle compresses the area to reduce that space. If this does not happen, temporary pockets of fluid (seromas) can be formed under the skin. Plus, it is also necessary to reduce bleeding. ”

Patients might make the personal decision to continue using daily shapewear at the end of their recovery, so it will depend on them. What is clear is that the use of the post-surgical girdle after surgery will avoid complications and stimulate healing.

Post surgery fajas colombianas are usually made of Powernet. This material is a mix of polyamide and elastane. This successful combination is made out of a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture, avoiding bacterial infections.

compression garments after liposuction

Powernet is highly regarded due to its elasticity and sturdiness. No matter how much it stretches, it always returns to its original shape

Brands such as M&D Fajas, MariaE Fajas, and Sonryse feature Vitamin E microcapsules that contribute to healing and moisturize the skin.


How long should I wear compression garment after liposuction?

In most aesthetic surgeries, patients leave the OR and immediately a medium compression girdle will be fitted for the targeted area during the first few days. Later, it can be replaced by a high compression girdle.

Dr. Ruiz also points out: “The main mistake of a patient who is in the process of recovering from a lipo is not wearing the girdle as much time as recommended. I always instruct them to wear it for two months and then for at least 12 hours a day, during the day or at night. However, many patients think that it is not necessary and obviously that means that the accumulated fluid in that area will not be drained properly, seromas will not be diminished, or contour irregularities will appear.”

compression garments after liposuction

How tight should my compression garment be after liposuction?

During the first two weeks after surgery, it is recommended to wear low-to-medium compression garments that are easy to put on and prevent accidents that could harm the wound, especially in the abdomen.

Your doctor will always know which option is best for you. “For example, if a flap was lifted on a tummy tuck, you should not use a high compression garment for the first ten days. Exerting high compression on a flap (as a result of dermolipectomy) could produce necrosis. In fact, we use two different post surgery fajas colombianas, a tubular type girdle on the first ten days following surgery, and after ten or fourteen days, we remove the drain and recommend a high compression girdle," the surgeon said.


First Stage Compression Garments

This low and medium compression stage 1 faja can be found in slip-on design, with hooks or zippers. In some cases, surgeons recommend the first option to avoid possible injuries that could be produced when fastening the hooks or zipping up.

However, hook & eye closure and zip  fajas colombianas provide better control as soon as you put it on. In addition to the shapewear for women, an abdominal board can be very useful to prevent injuring during healing.

Alejandra, a MariaE Fajas specialist, explained to us about the materials and compression garments recommended during the first stage of post-surgical recovery.

compression garments after liposuction

Stage 1 fajas are usually Powernet and cool-touch lycra garments which are softer and fresher when in contact with the skin. For this reason, these medium compression garments are recommended after leaving the OR. You can also use bi-directional lycra or triconet because they are soft fabrics. Many surgeons prefer this type of girdle for their patients. They will have a shorter healing time as soon as they increase compression, ” she explained.

compression garments after liposuction

They also have an open crotch for less hassle when nature calls, so patients will enjoy added comfort during the first few days when the skin is so sensitive.

compression garments after liposuction


Second Stage Compression Garments  

What is Stage 2 compression garment? After initial inflammation decreases, you can start using a higher compression garment and choose the one that best suits your routine. You could also choose a style that works with your outfits and allows you to feel comfortable.

compression garments after liposuction

These fajas colombianas shapewear for women can be used as everyday garments to define your waist and contour your silhouette. Keep in mind that you should choose the stage 2 faja that you feel comfy with.

compression garments after liposuction

"The ideal faja is the one made of a soft, comfortable material that lets your skin breathe, that is not too hot and fits the patient. That's the most important thing," Dr. Ruiz added.

compression garments after liposuction

How do I choose a girdle?

These are some elements that you must keep in mind when choosing the right faja after liposuction.

  • Consult your physician

    Although we share general recommendations, it is really important to consult your doctor about what type of garment he recommends according to the surgery you are undergoing and your particular needs.

    • Full coverage

      Post-surgical girdles usually offer full coverage (featuring a built-in bra or knee-length style) that contours your silhouette, provides the right compression and support for the whole body, especially after liposuction. 

      • Quality certificate

        Make sure to purchase guaranteed compression garments after liposuction, correctly identified as post-surgical girdles to avoid any inconvenience, infections or bruises during your recovery. Most Colombian post surgical girdles are made of smart fabrics that also hydrate the skin.



        Remember to purchase another Colombian girdle since it gets stained while you still have the drainage tubes for the first few days. You could use the second girdle to ensure hygiene and avoid infections, keeping things clean, sterile, and as dry as possible.

        Generally, it is recommended to wear beige garments so that it makes it easier to identify any type of fluid during your recovery.

        In this collection, you can see all the post surgical compression garments we have available for you.

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