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How to choose the perfect Colombian shapewear?

How to choose the perfect Colombian shapewear?

In some point in our lives, the idea of wearing a body shaper crosses our minds. We find them helpful for recovering after surgery, or simply to flaunt an hourglass silhouette. Once we set our minds on what uses we are going to give our body shaper, the process of choosing the right Colombian shapewear gets easier.

The common denominator among American women is after surgery recovery. Latin women, on the other hand, tend to shape and stylize their figures. What’s your reason for wearing a body shaper?

In my case, I love using body shapers to shape and mold my figure but still acknowledge the importance of wearing shapewear after surgery. Of course, following our doctor’s advice will help get better results.

When it comes to choosing the right girdle, experts divide them into two uses. 

Use #1: Post Surgical Girdle

I’m going to get surgery. How do I choose the right girdle?

Getting a compression garment to recover after birth or surgery is the main reason women buy post-surgical shapewear.

How do I know which is the right girdle for me?

All depends on what kind of surgery we go through and the recommendations given by the specialist. Postsurgical shapewear or postpartum girdles must fulfill certain requirements that will help us during the recovery:

  • Front zipper
  • The open gusset must be wide enough to make our trips to the restroom as comfortable as possible.
  • 3 compression lines on the back if the coverage is full.
  • Shapewear’s inner lining must be hypoallergenic.
  • There are different kinds of post-surgical shapewear to cover the areas you want to take care of; Waist, back, arms, legs, chin, among others.
  • For after surgery recovery, high compression post-surgical shapewear is recommended.
  • After giving birth, low-to-medium compression postpartum shapewear will do the job

Colombian shapewear

    If you are about to start the recovery process after surgery, you might want to take a look at MariaE 9262; let us show you all the benefits of this girdle to help you pick the right girdle. We love this post-surgical shapewear because it includes an amazing support bra and its texture is very soft. This is the perfect compression garment after liposuction. It covers most of the body and helps us to maintain a correct posture.

    MariaE 9262 helps the skin adhere correctly to the body and reduces swelling. It also allows you to move freely, offering great benefits for your circulation. This post-surgical girdle comes with 4 levels of compression that you can adjust as tight as you need.

    Colombian shapewear

    It’s important that you take into consideration that the recovery process after surgery could take from 2 to 8 weeks. In some cases, after you finish the healing process, you can use your post-surgical girdle as an everyday shaper.

    If you wish to wear a post-surgical girdle with more compression, Salome 0214 is the one to go with, since it comes with 3 compression levels on the back. You will be able to shape your silhouette while recovering after that aesthetic procedure you’ve been planning to get.

    When asking yourself how to choose the right Colombian Shapewear, a compression garment such as Salome 0214 will help you get the desired results faster. Made of Powernet, this girdle will adjust perfectly to your body, keeping your skin soft and rash-free thanks to its hypoallergenic cotton lining.

    This post-surgical girdle comes with an open bust design and removable straps, making this garment strapless to go unnoticed under any outfit. You can wear for your day-to-day activities. Given that this is a short post-surgical girdle, you can wear it under your favorite skirt.

    Colombian shapewear

    “I’m a few weeks away from becoming a mom!”

    Did you buy your postpartum shapewear? We are sure you’re going to love Sonryse 053. It’s perfect for after giving birth because its support bra comes with snap closure, making breastfeeding easier for you and the baby.

    It’s quite similar to post-surgical shapewear. It comes with short design and silicone bands on the thighs that prevent the girdle from rolling up. Its wide straps are perfect for this stage of our lives, as they help provide the support needed and keep our posture straight.

    Colombian shapewear

    Use #2: For aesthetic purposes. 

     “I want to look fabulous! I need an everyday girdle”

    You came to the right place! We have a wide selection of girdles to make you look even more beautiful, depending on the area you want to highlight.

    Every woman’s body and needs are different. It’s important that you know for sure what areas of your body you want to shape and mold before making a decision on which is the ideal compression garment for you.

    You can wear medium compression shapewear every day for 8 to 12 hours. But if you are a first-time user, start by wearing it for 4 hours a day. Keep in mind that you cannot wear the garment while you sleep.

    How to choose the right girdle for everyday use?

    First of all, find out what type of body you have. We invite you to read The Secrets for Getting Shaped Wearing Colombian Shapewear to set straight what your needs are based on the kind of silhouette you have.

    Properties of an everyday girdle:

    • Made of Powernet and cotton.
    • Available with low, medium, and high compression.
    • Some of them come with one or more hook & eye closure compression levels or zipper closure system.

    Colombian shapewear

      Get ready to be the center of attention wherever you go. Waist cinchers are the best choice to slim down your waist into an hourglass figure. Salome 0315 is an excellent choice, since it flattens your tummy, reduces sizes, improves your posture, and highlight your curves. It’s perfect

      Colombian shapewear

      If you wish to highlight your rear, M&D 0066 might be the best everyday shapewear to accomplish that. It’s so comfortable that you can wear it every day for any occasion. The best part about it is that nobody is going to know you’re wearing a compression garment underneath your outfit.

      With removable straps, this girdle will fit you perfectly under any outfit, highlighting your curves, given that it not only flattens your tummy but also enhances your hips and butt. This girdle comes with silicone bands on the thighs to keep it from rolling up.

      Colombian shapewear

      Which size will fit me best?

      No matter what point of the selection process you are, we always recommend choosing one size above. For example, if you are a size L, we suggest getting XL shapewear. All this while you get used to the compression provided by these garments. Once you start dropping some inches, you can size down.

      To choose the right size in the safest way, here’s a size guide. Check it and find out what’s the best size for you.

      Colombian shapewear

      On what part of the selection process are you? Allow us to be part of the process and help you find the perfect shapewear. If you have any doubts, we are here to gladly help you with any questions.

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