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Everyday Use Colombian Shapewear for Women

Everyday Use Colombian Shapewear for Women

We all have to work but we also need a time out to breathe and rest. Dare to book plans to travel, relax, go to the lake or camping. The best way to enjoy this is by feeling comfortable, fresh and feminine in your own skin. In this blog post, we recommend Colombian shapewear for women that’ll become your best ally regarding fashion and control so you can enjoy peacefully while living a well-deserved escape from routine.

Confidence starts when you leave your house feeling easy, calm and stunning. Here, we’ll help you to organize your outfits using denim butt lifter shorts for women and thigh slimming workout leggings that’ll offer ease and most importantly make your curves look crazy-hot. Let our magnificent Colombian shapewear for women do its thing. You’ll see!

What we all want when looking for shapewear

Let’s start with slimming jeggings, a butt lifter garment that can become your best beauty ally. Ideal for any casual occasion helping you highlight your silhouette while being comfortable.

Wear Lowla 249365 compression jeggings with blouses, jackets, sweaters or dresses. They’re perfect for camping, a walk or simply to relax at a park or lake. With a trendy ankle design match them with any type of sporty shoes of your choice.

What’s amazing about this design is that they look like jeans and look great on your body. With inner compression, they smooth your thighs and lift your booty. Also, they give you an athletic appearance similar as if you’ve been training for a pair of weeks. These stretch denim jeggings are wonderful and are available in black and white from 2-12 sizes.

Colombian Shapewear for women

Comfort will be your best company when gathering with your friends and family. Play, walk, sit or camp with them looking and most importantly feeling confident, sexy, attractive and beautiful.  

If you’d like to wear jeans while getting the effect of thigh workout slimming leggings, we recommend the Laty Rose 21231. With comfort, control and unnoticeable seams, they’ll help you feel comfy and relaxed.

Easy to put on and take off even when going to the bathroom. They lift your bum, shape your hips and tone your legs. Also, they offer a nice control over your lower tummy. Find them in a variety of colors and sizes and get the perfect companion under your favorite jeans.

Colombian Shapewear for women

Women naturally dream of pursuing beauty. In Shapes Secrets we want to be your teammate, and make you feel comfortable at all times wearing Colombian shapewear for women. Improve your assets and finally make your dream body become a reality with us.

The Diane & Geordi 2810 is another great one. These slimming ankle length leggings enhance your booty, shape your waist and flatten your lower abdomen. Wear them under jeans or skinny pants due to their invisible seams. They’ll also fit nicely under long dresses and skirts.

Colombian Shapewear for women

We love these thigh workout slimming leggings because of the comfort they provide. They help us look gorgeous! Your jeans will become your favorite piece once you start wearing them.

And when we talk about jeans, we want to introduce our miraculous and amazing skinny denim jeans.

Our Jeans are also Shapewear

Your days off are full of joy and many wonderful things to do. Whether you decide to go to a festival, the movies, watch a play, eat a nice meal at your favorite restaurant. Relaxing outdoors is another option if the weather is ideal, so don’t deprive yourself of doing anything you set your mind into.

If days are sunny, and refreshing breezes invade you with gratifying sensations, Lowla garments are ideal to use any time of the year.

This Colombian brand is well-known in the world of compression garments. It combines the latest girdle tech with modern and beautiful jeans that'll make you look astonishing wherever you stand.

Let’s begin with the Lowla 258015 Colombian denim skirt with an inner girdle. We love its design because it not only lifts your booty but also smooths your hips, tucks in your tummy and shapes your back. It offers so many features and will enhance your beauty, your femininity and diminish any flaws visually.

Thanks to its skirt design you will feel fresh all the time even when summer comes. You will look simply beautiful.
Colombian Shapewear for women
It was designed in Colombia with stretch fabrics that hug softly giving you a natural and shaped effect. This is the perfect skirt design that matches with any occasion.

If you wish even more comfort, we recommend Lowla 23800 denim butt lifter shorts for women. They include the same inner girdle design as the skirt. They also mold your abdomen and hips and stylize your back. They’re a very comfortable pair of shorts when going to a picnic or the mall.

Colombian Shapewear for women

And, if you love denim, we have for you the Lowla 269255 Colombian jumpsuit that is a fresh and comfortable option. Catch everyone’s eyes due to the way this jumpsuit will softly shape your curves and enhance all your assets controlling and supporting your troubled areas.

Colombian Shapewear for women

If you’d like to wear more supportive pieces, check out our collection here and get to know our activewear garments now.

Resistant and perfect to wear every single day. Let us show you then 5 Reasons to Wear a Slimming Body Shaper Daily.

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