Everything you need to know about Men’s Shapewear

Everything you need to know about Men’s Shapewear

All misconceptions or taboos around the idea of men wearing a men’s shapewear has almost disappeared through the years. Why is this? Because of a simple and powerful reason: Men want to feel and look good, comfortable with their appearance as well, is not only a woman’s issue.

Men’s shapewear gives benefits for common needs such as dropping inches, compressing abs and torso, improving back posture, among others. Due to these facts, the use and request of girdles for men as an incredible product have gradually increased.

Wearing a men’s shapewear is no longer exclusively for women: This belief has been replaced by the idea of men looking good, having the opportunity to choose from a great variety of fabrics and designs only for them.

MyD, Diane & Geordi and DPrada are brands that give girdles users a variety of products that easily fulfill the particular needs and preferences of every user.

Men´s shapewear

Men are more and more involved in the fashion world and in its growth as an industry, becoming part of a lifestyle for many. It is not surprising then that men’s shapewear has been adapted to offer their benefits also to the male audience.

A variety of designs like vests, undershirts, shirts, tank tops have been displaced according to the body area (abs, torso, arms, buttocks and thighs). Men want to improve the level of compression they want to choose.

  • DPrada 11016 Men's slimming undershirt

Men's shapewear

DPrada 11016 Men's slimming undershirt is one of the most complete options for reducing measurements, without sacrificing comfort and style. DPrada 11016 Men's slimming undershirt is made of Powernet (91% polyamide and 9% elastane); this elastic and anatomical fabric fits perfectly for maximum compression.

DPrada men's slimming undershirt body shaper is an undetectable under clothing body shaper, designed to control and soften the abdomen, waist and back areas while performing your daily activities. DPrada men's slimming undershirt body shaper is recommended for recovery after a surgical procedure. It has an open perineal space to enhance comfort.

  • Geordi 3301 Men's Compression Tank Top

Shapes Secrets - Men's Shapewear

Geordi 3301 Men's Compression Tank Top is specially designed for those who prefer a medium compression in one piece but still want to shape the body, reduce sizes and flatten the abs. Geordi 3301 Men’s Compression Tank Top is the perfect adaptable alternative.

Invisible flat seams make this piece imperceptible under clothing. It helps to reduce sizes, flatten the abs and have the correct compression to avoid discomfort when used. Other compression girdles that have similar functions like Geordi 3301 Men’s compression tank top are Triconet 2007 and 2415, this one specialized also in posture correction.

  • MyD 0061 Slimmer body shaper for men

Men's shapewear

MyD 0061 Slimmer body shaper for men is a great choice if you want to get rid of any love handles or reduce some measurements. It has an excellent

back support, coverage, and level of compression. With a four hook-and-eye level closure for gradual adjustment at the front and shoulders straps of the body shaper.

 Another men’s shapewear that’s worth to mention is the MyD CH062 Slimmer body shaper for men. It has all the advantages mentioned above but leaves the abs area free. Both models are made of 85% Nylon and 15% Elastane, providing advanced levels of adjustment and compression.


Men's shapewear: Bye, Bye Taboo

Choose the men’s shapewear that best suits your needs. Girdles are no longer designed just for the female body. Compression garments for men have been growing. It’s time to tear down any taboos or prejudice from the past.

There are a lot of reasons why you should wear men’s shapewear. They have become a must-have in your wardrobe. Having a flat abdomen or looking thinner has never been so easy. Say no to a scalpel or radical measures.

If you want to know more about men’s shapewear and buy the best for you from the comfort of your home, click on this link to see our entire collection.

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