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The Different Types of Body Shapers and Their Benefits

by Sofía Alvarez June 03, 2017

Shapes Secrets - The Best Body Shapers and Their Benefits

The days when you could find only one kind of body shapers are behind! Nowadays, it is possible to find the right option for each person. Whether it is that you need compression, to shape your body, or for your postpartum or post surgery.

The Colombian Body Shapers are the most attractive choice when it comes to checking the shapewear garments market. Brands from the south American country with extensive experience in designing and manufacturing this key part of any wardrobe like Fajas Salomé, Diane & Geordi, MyD or Ann Chery.

Most people have a rooted understanding of giving different types of body shapers the same use: to disguise those extra pounds and shape our bodies. Which is right, up to a point. Nobody is the same and nobody has the same needs. Luckily, technology has forward-thought the creation of more personalized products with as varied targets as figure shapes there exist.

the best body shapers and their benefits

Why using Colombian Body Shapers?

It is a myth that the different types of body shapers are designed for people with overweight, women, and men of any physique can enjoy the benefits they bring.

One thing is true, you need to know how to select the right body shaper for you, the one that makes you feel comfortable while it meets your needs, and that happens when selecting the right size for you. One of the most common mistakes when selecting from the different types of body shapers is that people select the smallest size with the belief that, in that way, they will be more effective.

Believe when we say that when you choose the right Body Shaper the benefits are not only physical but also psychological, becoming a helpful tool to make you feel safer and sexier every day.

If you are not sure about selecting the right size for you, check out the size chart below each of the body shapers in the Shapes Secrets catalogue.
the best body shapers and their benefits

Colombian Body Shapers: How to Choose the Right One

  • Define your key areas

Being aware of your body is the first step to select the right one from the different types of body shapers . In this revision, you must define which areas in your figure need more attention. If the abdomen is the area that needs more care, do not select a body shaper to the waist, but a complete one or at least one that covers up the area below the chest.

On the other hand, if your focus is on your legs you should select short, capri or complete body shapers. You must base this decision on the type of clothing that you will wear whenever you use the product, for dresses and short skirts the short version is more convenient. When wearing jeans and pants, it is best to use capri or long body shapers so a mark halfway your thigh is not noticed.

  • Reducing VS Moulding

Not everything is about the area when selecting the appropriate one from the different types of body shapers , but it is also about the goal to achieve. Reducing size is not the same as disguising bumps, moulding the shapes or enhancing the posture. These are different objectives and you can find options that fit your need, even though there exists products that offer several benefits at the same time.

The Fajas Salome 0315 Body Shaper is ideal to mould your waist and to use it every day. If your wish is to reduce sizes and point out other areas like your rear, the Body Shaper Diane & Geordi 2411 perfectly adjusts to control the abdomen and waist while it stands out your gluteus. Also, its internal microfibre coverage will make you feel at ease.

  • Postpartum Body Shaper

During pregnancy, we go through major physical changes that after giving birth can take us by surprise, due to many changes in our system we need different types of body shapers. From long ago the Postpartum Body Shapers are important to alleviate such dramatic changes in our bodies.

Little by little, after giving birth or a C-section our bodies start adjusting to return to its figure before the pregnancy, this is the time when the Postpartum Body Shapers become a powerful tool for the recovery you need after becoming a mother.

The Faja Salome 0217 female body shaper is one of the best options to obtain the perfect compression you need after giving birth. The benefits are endless because it will help you control not only the most vulnerable areas during this stage, but it will also help you improve your rear and by having your chest free, it can help with the lactation process. Its internal cotton coverage provides great movement comfort and freedom.

The Faja Salome 0413 is the perfect balance between compression and comfort. Because of its powernet fabric, it gives the right compression and great commodity to perform your daily routine. Besides, its hook-and-eye closure in the inner thigh makes everything easier when it comes to using the toilet.

The MyD 0047 Strapless Body Shaper possesses the high compression and versatility that a garment needs to adapt any kind of clothing, making you feel confident that nothing will show under your clothes.

We suggest you wait for a period of 4 weeks after giving birth to start using the body shaper. Likewise, we invite you to ask for your doctor’s piece of advice beforehand.

  • Post Surgery Garments

The Colombian Post Surgery Garments or Post Liposuction are highly recommended by specialists to help the recovery process after a surgery.

Marvelous for the recovery of interventions by liposuction, in arms and legs, the Fajas Salome 0525 is manufactured with powernet fabric that facilitates the healing process and helps to decrease swelling. Considering as well the reinforcement at the back for you to be upright and with good posture during the most important days for your full recovery.

The Faja DPrada 08 controls and softens integrally your body, due to the wide coverage it offers. Whereas you are getting out of breast surgery or liposuction.

The MyD 0075 garment offers special fit in the abdomen leaving the chest free for major comfort. Its high back, covered and sleeveless improves posture.

If you want to know about other Post Surgery Body Shapers and select the one that fits your needs best you can click here.

  • Sports Body Shapers

When you decide to take action on improving your health and wellbeing by starting an exercise routine, it is always helpful to use a sports Body Shaper that keeps everything in place while training so you don’t have to worry about the love handles you have not burnt yet.

The Ann Chery 2026 body shaper is the ally you need to have good posture while completing your squats. There are no excuses not to start the gym having this tool with you.

  • Everyday use Body Shapers

If you still doubt there is a right option for you within the variety of Fajas Colombianas, you are welcome to explore the Everyday Use Body Shapers that are able to deliver support, security and all of the benefits we have already mentioned while using any other kind of clothes and doing any activity in your daily routine.

The Faja Diane and Geordi 2405F features all the versatility of the strapless garments so you can use it with your favorite tops and sleeveless dresses. Whenever you consider it necessary and according to your outfit you will be able to keep the detachable straps.

If you are worried about cellulitis in your thighs area the Salome 0215 Body Shaper will help you compress and hide these uncomfortable marks. It will make you feel wonderfully comfortable while reducing sizes, whereas you are working, doing chores or shopping, all of this due to its detachable and adjustable straps.
the best body shapers and their benefits

Say yes to the Colombian Body Shapers

There you have many options and reasons to include the Colombian Body Shapers in your everyday tools so you look like you’ve always dreamt. With the perfect mixture: hiding what you want to disguise and pointing out the curves you proudly have got to show.

Get all the different types of body shapers and many more in our website, dare to try a body shaper to help you get the best out of you.

Sofía Alvarez
Sofía Alvarez

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June 14, 2017

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