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How to Put on a Girdle? Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid

How to Put on a Girdle? Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid

First Off! Congratulations you have decided to wear shapewear. These incredible garments are perfect to be part of any style-conscious women’s wardrobe. Are you missing yours? 

Nowadays, singers and artists use them, their fans began to imitate them, and now there’s a boom in shapewear girdles. But, how to put on a faja girdle? This is the question we all ask at the moment of getting a Colombian compression garment.

Remember that women’s girdles will help you feel great while shaping your silhouette and improving your posture. In addition to making you look beautiful after surgery or giving birth. If you know well how they work, you can use them to your advantage.

Some principles should be followed when wearing a girdle. Just imagine looking fabulous and sexy whether you’re in office clothes, at the gym, or in a cocktail dress. No matter what your body type and size, it’s possible with one secret weapon: shapewear.

Using shapewear for women is easy and shouldn’t have any difficulty. The important thing is that you know your body type, to have clear the reason you will use it for, and of course, what compression you want. 

Following these basic principles will help you to put on a Colombian girdle for women more quickly and with success. Do not worry about the damage to the garment; these are stretchy enough. 

Let's check the step by step guide on how to put on a girdle

Girdles should look hugging to your body in the mirror. If you want to take advantage of its multiple benefits from the first day, we leave you these simple recommendations to put on a girdle correctly.


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Follow the step by step guide and see how easy it is to put on a girdle

Make sure to be in a comfortable and fresh place, to avoid the heat of the environment gives you a feeling of discomfort and makes you regret trying.

  1. Stretch the body shaper, it helps to make it softer and more prepared at the moment of putting it on. 
  2. If you’re trying a long-length girdle design, sit down and roll the girdle in your hands, tuck one of the legs in, bring it up to the knee and then tuck the other leg in.
  3. If the girdle has anti-roll silicone lace hemlines you have to bend them before you stick your legs in. 
  4. Get up and pull up the girdle to cover your thighs and make sure the seams are lined up in the inside of your thighs.
  5. Make sure to arrange the shapewear to completely cover the buttocks, stretch, and fit the bands in place.
  6. Place the straps, shoulders, or sleeves on each of the arms. Again stretch or pull up the girdle to remove wrinkles. 
  7. Stretch the ends of the body shaper toward the center and if you have excess skin, take it to the sides to make the adjustment easier, either zipper or hooks.

Follow the steps to putting on the shaper

Tips to put on a shapewear

Take your size before ordering the girdle

  • Sometimes girdles don’t provide the expected effect, or you can feel they are very tight and uncomfortable. It happens when you don’t know your body type or don’t take the measurements of your waist and hips to know the actual size you need so you can choose the right one.
  • The right compression shapewear must give you a good fit. Neither very tight nor very loose, since in none of these cases it’ll be or feel convenient for you. 
  • If you’ve had a specific size wearing a body shaper for a long time, and you’ve managed to adjust it until the last level of hooks, then it is recommended that you take these measurements again to ask for one size less than the current one. By doing this, you can continue with your shaping process properly.
  • Taking your measurements is pretty important. In each of our Colombian girdles collections, you will find a size chart to help you figure out what size you should buy.

Start using the faja shapewear for a short period 

If this is your first time using a Colombian girdle, start by doing a small 30-minute test, then gradually increase the time of use. Experts recommend increasing one hour each week to reach 8 hours a day with the shapewear on. The idea is every day that passes you feel more comfortable with your body shaper girdle.

We give you some advice you should consider:

  1. Avoid using creams at the moment you put on the girdle.
  2. If you have a healthy diet and a bit of daily exercise, you’ll get much more visible results in less time. 
  3. Don’t wear the girdle while you sleep. 
  4. Do not wear the body shaper if you feel discomfort or if you are in pain.

Take your measurements

Stay always hydrated when using the girdle

You may wonder what the relationship is between body hydration and wearing a girdle. Well, let me tell you that it does, and a lot. This doesn’t just apply when you’re starting to wear your new Colombian girdle, but as long as you wear shapewear for women. 

We recommend you to drink one and a half liters of water per day, moreover, if you decide to combine the use of your reducing garment with workouts.

Common shapewear mistakes to avoid

Not placing the seams to the inside of your thighs 

The success key to putting on a girdle is to adjust the seams that are in the crotch from the beginning. Arrange until they’re aligned between them. We mean, it should be in the same way that we adjust our pants.

Not stretching enough 

Once we have the girdle ready to close, we must stretch the fabric considering that body shapers work by elastocompression. 

So, stretch the shapewear to its maximum capacity to be able to fasten. If we don’t do this, we are making the second most common mistake.

Bad straps adjustment

Remember girdles’ straps should help you remain stretched so that you can avoid having folds. You can adjust the straps as desired and you won't feel discomfort.

The third most common mistake is not adjusting the straps to a level where it feels comfortable for you. It’s a usual concern, so please don’t give up and start today.

Not having patience 

Patience is essential when putting on a girdle.

Why? This time is for you to be focused on achieving posture success while you become an expert and the girdle becomes a second skin for you. It’s important to be in a quiet and suitable environment where you can be comfy and uninterrupted. 

We know that embracing our natural shape and loving ourselves is essential to our happiness.

When you are careful about what kind of shapewear to wear, and you know the styles that favor your silhouette and those that don't, the journey becomes easier. Just like that, you can achieve great looks by using compression slimming shapewear with your favorite outfit. 

Colombian girdles work! Wear yours and show off your new silhouette!

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