Colombian Shapewear: All you need to know about bust design and closure

Colombian Shapewear: All you need to know about bust design and closure

The Colombian Shapewear word is filled with various styles and their designs are made to satisfy your needs while you wear them. Keep reading to know more about the kinds of bust and closures that you can get, their characteristics and how they will help your body. 

Often we can feel overpowered and wrongly pick a shapewear that doesn't cover our necessities by any means. In this article we will enlighten all of you concerning bust styles and closures with the goal that you can say yes to the girdle.

So take a deep breath and relax, you are in the ideal place! Once you get to know all the features and benefits you can get with the right Colombian body shaper, you´ll totally fall in love with all of them.

Keep your eyes open, and read everything about the bust styles and all the closures design. 


Ok maybe, finding Colombian Shapewear that fits a large bust can seem as an impossible mission, but not at all. Nowadays, girdles´ brands have developed high-technology designs to enhance women's attributes.  There are many styles for you to have enough support and compression not only in your breast but in your whole body. 

After a surgery your body needs rest and the right garment  to boost the results. With the purpose of giving you the best partners in your recovery we will give you a list of qualities that will help you in the path of choosing the correct Colombian faja.  

If you want to know more, here we have a list of bust designs that you´ll love.


  • Bra with hooks

  • The fajas colombianas with built in bra are a great ally after a breast surgery, this kind of Colombian body shaper  gives you firm control in your bust area, usually they have two horizontal underbust bands that offer greater support.  

    A hook and eye closure helps to lift your bust to give you a superior look. This kind of closure makes it easy to adapt the hooks during your recovery process.  

    We know that you want to know the benefits of this girdle with bra and hooks, so we decided to make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of having this wonderful ally to recover successfully.


    1. They are perfect during the postpartum period, because they have easy access to the bust area, making it lactance friendly. 
    2. Different levels of adjustments in the hooks that make it easy to accommodate various sizes.
    3. The fabric in the breast area is a softer fabric, different from the rest of the girdle, generally with nylon or cotton.
    4. This is a post-surgical bra,  but it can also be used for people who have had another kind of surgery. 


    1. It isn't possible to choose the bra size separately from the shapewear.  
    2. It can be noticed with some outfits.
    3. As the fabric of the bust area is softer, it may be necessary to use pads so that the nipple is not noticeable.

    This kind of shapewear you can find in the Sonryse TR86, this compression garment gives an incredible and slim silhouette. And, this is the correct option to wear after breast surgery, as it gives you the control that your breasts need. This Colombian girdle will become your ideal garment for you.

    The recovery process is the most important moment after surgery and you need all the support you can get, that is why we present you this MariaE FQ102 post operative compression garment that is one of the best for you to obtain the desired results. Thanks to its partially removed bra, it makes the process of breastfeeding your newborn much more comfortable, and its high back design is very good to take care of your posture.


    Sonryse TR86

    • Open bust

    Colombian shapewear comes in many styles. Open bust girdles bring a number of benefits not only for the bust area but for the rest of the body.

    So if you want to know much more about them, do not hesitate to continue reading.


    1. Being open bust you can match it with the bra of your choice.
    2. You have two alternatives for using your bra, both above and below the straps, all according to your preference.
    3. Pro Tip: if you have a large bust, use it above because it offers you more support.
    4. One of the best advantages is that it naturally enhances the bust making you look great.


    1. Some people may find it uncomfortable to wear a bra with a girdle because of too much compression.
    2. If the torso is very short, it can be placed on the breasts.

    Here we show you some examples of open-bust girdles that will make you fall in love.

    Feel amazing when wearing the Salome 0419 open bust girdle, its wide straps give excellent support to the breasts area, they also avoid uncomfortable shoulder digs and give support to your back so that it is more safe.

    Here's another great option, the MariaE 9182 Colombian girdle is ideal for daily use and for postpartum use. This design has an open bust that allows a natural enhancement of the breasts, it also has padded shoulder pads that avoid having uncomfortable marks by the strips.

    Salome 0419


    Now that we know more about the kinds of bust design and all the benefits they can give to your body. Let's have a closer look at the types of closure systems that can help to improve the functions of the girdles, so keep reading to learn more.

  • Front zipper and a row of hooks 

  • This type of closure is ideal so that it is not noticeable under your outfits, since it makes it almost imperceptible under clothing. Generates compression in the abdomen area to ideally shape your figure.


    1. Adjusting the girdle to your body can be really easy.
    2. It is not noticeable under clothing so you can take it everywhere.
    3. It has a high quality closure that will stay in place at all times.


    1. It does not allow to lower levels to the belt in processes where the woman is losing measurements

    For example, the MariaE 9235 girdle, this Colombian short type girdle, helps control your abdomen, waist, hips and back. Thanks to their type of closures they are perfect for postpartum and daily use.

    Another excellent option can be the Diane & Geordi 2396. This postpartum shaping girdle is perfect for recovery after giving birth. Thanks to its reinforced abdominal control and its closure system that molds perfectly to your body.

    MariaE 9235
  • Side zipper and a row of hooks 
  • Similar to the girdle with front closure and internal hooks, the side closure is also imperceptible under clothing, and it is much easier to put on. It has compression in the abdominal area.


    1. This girdle is easy to adjust to your body.
    2. It is imperceptible under clothing so you can combine it with any outfit.
    3. The closure is of high quality to prevent it from locking when placed.
    4. Its design is ideal for use in events for its comfort and freshness.


    1. If you constantly lower the measurements, you will not be able to adjust the levels of it.

    The MariaE 9282 also has a built-in bra which makes it an excellent option during the postpartum period, its closure system makes it easy to remove it in the case of women with cesarean section, it will be very easy to heal your wound.

    Another excellent option is the Sonryse 053, this postpartum girdle meets all the characteristics to make you look fantastic and also its closure makes it perfect so that it is not noticeable under your clothes.

    MariaE 9282
  • Different levels of hooks 

  • The girdle that we all want and maybe have in our wardrobe. Its closure system not only allows you to adjust as you lose measurements but also gives you the compression that your body requires.


    1. It is ideal if you are in the process of deflammation and loss of measurements, since the compression level can be increased for each line that it brings.
    2. It is easy to define the compression along the torso, some women like to adjust one more level in their waist to frame it.


    1. It has many hooks which makes it difficult to place.
    2. The hooks can be noticed with your clothes.

    For example, the Sonryse 066 is a medium compression girdle with 4 levels of adjustment in its closure system, this allows that when lowering measures it can be molded to your body so that you highlight your new figure. Another very similar option is the MariaE 9152, it still has 4 levels of hook adjustment but with a knee-length design.

    Sonryse TR86, this compression garment gives an incredible and slim silhouette. And, this is the correct option to wear after breast surgery, as it gives you the control that your breasts need. This Colombian girdle will become your ideal garment for you.
    Sonryse 066

  • No closure system

  • The girdles without a closure system are easy to put on and are also imperceptible under clothing, they are ideal for daily use, because you can wear the outfit you want while shaping your figure. 


    1. It is very easy to place them.
    2. They are not noticeable under clothing, even with tight clothing.
    3. When sitting down you will not have discomfort from snaps or closures on your skin.


    1. The level of support tends to be lower than clasps or snaps
    2. It is not recommended for postsurgical recoveries.

    Among the options that you can get from this closure system, there is the Colombian girdle Diane & Geordi 002374, it is a girdle for daily use that you should wear at all times, thanks to its compression and its fresh fabric that will allow you to wear it under any outfit, without it shows.

    Similarly, the Salomé 0218 has similar characteristics, however its design is mid-leg, which allows you to shape your legs and abdomen at any time during your routine.

    Diane and Geordi 002374


    There is an ideal girdle for every woman and we always want to help you to have yours. Do not forget to use the measurement table that you will find in all the garments in our online store so that you can choose the correct size. If you have any questions, remember that you can write to us through the chat or contact our customer service.

    Those were the characteristics of the Colombian girdles according to their design in bust and closures. Take into account each of the advantages that they have according to your body type and needs. It is very important that according to the use that you are going to give them you choose the one that best suits you and your curves.

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