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Colombian Shapewear for Women, Back Design and Straps

Colombian Shapewear for Women, Back Design and Straps

If you can’t make up your mind on what type of Colombian shapewear is the best option between all the ones available, in this post we’ll tell you about their straps and back designs so you can choose the right one according to your needs. 

One of the most common mistakes about how to choose a faja is not considering your body silhouette, the garment design and the use you’ll give to it. Let’s start with getting to know the straps you’ll find in Colombian fajas.

Fajas with removable or immovable straps

These are the types of body shapers you’ll find according to their upper design. Keep reading and find all the advantages and features of each one. 

  • Thin, adjustable and removable straps (SON 066)

The best thing about these types of straps is that they’re very easy to adjust according to the length you need. They are friendly with low-cut outfits and they can be crossed or changed as you please.

They don’t necessarily work for strapless clothing. You can change their position and use other ones with thickness according to the garment you’re going to wear. Whatever makes you more comfortable and fits you better.

*If you have prominent shoulders they can dig and cause discomfort. If this is your case we recommend wearing a faja with wider straps.

  • Thick straps with hook&eye levels (SON 211BF)

Their biggest advantage is that they provide coverage to help hide fat rolls on the underarm and back area. Since they have different adjustment levels, they help you have a more comfy fit.

Keep in mind this type of design may be noticed under your outfits. Remember that if the hook levels available don’t fit your size you can use extensors.

  • Implant Stabilizer (DAG 002406)

These types of straps help support and keep the bust in place, especially if you’ve had a breast augmentation. It’s removable so you can take it off when it isn’t necessary.

  • Sleeves (SAL 0525)

This type of design is ideal for surgery procedures on your arms, such as liposuction. Since they provide more coverage, they help to give more support on your arms and back favoring plus size women.

If you’re using any of these fajas for your post-surgery recovery, your doctor will recommend the best design for you according to the type of procedure and the body zones treated. 

Straps Variety


Types of fajas according to the back’s design

Depending on the faja design the back style and coverage level changes. Now, we’ll tell you every detail and the benefits of each one.
  • Low back or strapless (SAL 0214)

The main advantages are:

  1. Removable straps so you can use or change them as you please.
  2. Ideal to use with low-cut outfits.
  3. Many of these fajas feature a silicone band to help them keep in place.

Keep in mind that if you have an inverted triangle silhouette, it can bring out back fat rolls. If this is the case, we recommend using a medium or high coverage one.

  • Mid back (MRE 9182)

The main benefits are:

  1. They give underarm fat control.
  2. They can be used with semi-low outfits.
  3. Its coverage helps support the torso of the faja.
  4. It’s comfortable for every body type.
  • High back (DAG 2397)

These type of fajas help to:

  1. Hide back and underarm rolls thanks to its coverage.
  2. Improve your posture.
  3. Give support throughout the torso.

Back design

There is one faja for every woman's needs and we’d like to help you have yours. Don’t forget to use the size chart you can find inside every garment in our online store so you pick the right one for you. If you have any doubts, remember that you can reach our customer service experts.

These were the main features of Colombian fajas straps and back designs. Take into consideration each one of the benefits according to the body type and need. It’s very important to choose the best that adapts you and your curves depending on the use.


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