How can Colombian Shapewear for Women fit into my morning routine?

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How can Colombian Shapewear for Women fit into my morning routine?

Every day is a new opportunity to channel all the power within us. For that reason, I’d love to add healthy habits to my daily routine that will help me restate all the power I know I have but sometimes forget. I feel happy and relaxed anytime I can do any of those activities. My ideas and goals turned into a feasible plan the moment I started wearing shapewear for women as a habit.

There was a time when I watched women wearing shapewear for women and didn’t see myself using a girdle, but it caught my attention. The day I started wearing shapewear for women, I loved the way it made me look, and convinced myself that I should wear one every day. I also admired the discipline of all those women who wear a Colombian girdle. Now, I strive to look and feel like they do. 

Fajas MYD F0056 | Waist Cincher Shapewear for Women's Tummy was the waist cincher I decided to use for the first time. It was the one that best suited me because it flattened my abdomen and shaped my waist nicely. This cincher is easy to wear under any outfit. When I started wearing it, I used the highest level of compression. I was so excited and proud of myself when I started dropping sizes almost instantly.

To understand the power a Colombian girdle for women had in me, I made it part of my morning routine. I've been doing my routine from the moment I wake up for many years now, making me feel fabulous the entire day. Sometimes I failed to do the routine but tried my best to follow through since the impact it has on me is simply wonderful.

Shapewear for women

Habits that are good for ourselves when we wear tummy control shapewear

From the moment we wake up, we should do healthy routines that let our power and magic out. Little by little, each one of those things became an important part of who I am. If you wish to pick some healthy habits, choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

The main goal is to have something to contribute to our personal growth. That means habits that make us feel good about who we are and how we look. Let’s begin:

  1. Waking up early!

This will determine how well we perform all tasks during the rest of the day. Besides, if we’re disciplined every morning we’ll get some activities done. That will help us to focus on an organized schedule. The University of Toronto ran a study among 712 people of different ages and concluded the following:

‘People who wake up early in the morning are full of positive emotions. Their personalities are more stable and healthy’

I think this fact is so accurate because I’ve noticed the positive attitude I have during the early hours. The idea is to do certain activities that would make us feel better as soon as I wake up.

Early in the morning, I read some short articles that will help me with my personal growth, such as women-related articles or planning and organization think pieces.

  1. Meditate

Many friends have recommended me to work on this habit, but I always thought this was for people with personalities a lot different from mine. Then, I learned about Mindfulness technique, also known as full attention or full consciousness. It consists of intentionally being aware of what we do, without judging, being emotionally attached, or rejecting the experience we live. That’s the best way I found to live in the present, that invites us to fully live our emotions, acknowledging the space we take every instant. 

Anxiety levels are reduced to a minimum. As I meditate, I try to be grateful for everything, honor my feelings with positive words, and accept all the processes and experiences in my life peacefully.

  1. Stretching exercises 

I usually work out in the afternoon. Each morning, while I still lie in bed, I do some stretches that will help me relax and get my motivation going.

  • Have a sit
  • Make circles with your wrists and ankles. 10 times each.
  • Move your head back and forth 10 times.
  • Tilt your torso to the left and stretch your left arm as far as possible. Switch side and repeat 10 times.
  • Turn your torso to both sides as much as you can. 10 times to each side.
  • Stretch your arms and spine as much as you can, then bend over and try to reach your toes.
  • Remember to breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  1. A hot shower

It’s so relaxing that you can add a quick exfoliation with coffee and coconut oil. After a hot bath, I love to use skincare products and sunscreen to hydrate and protect my skin. It's a MUST in my morning routine.

  1. Using tummy control shapewear

The idea is to be relaxed and at peace when you put on your Colombian shapewear for women and feel satisfied with how I look and feel. That’s why the selection process of an everyday girdle is so important. It will not only make us look good, but will be a part of us and our routine.

We must know how to choose the girdle that makes us feel our best. Up next, I will recommend you some tummy control girdles which are easy to wear and barely noticeable under any outfit. If you wish to know more about them, I invite you to read How to choose the perfect Colombian shapewear?. You will find the right reasons to buy Colombian shapewear for women.

This is the last step of my morning routine. From the moment I started wearing a girdle, I loved the way my clothes fit me. How I feel on the outside is the result of all the good vibes that I have within. Wearing Colombian shapewear has a tremendous impact for sure.

 Shapewear for women


After wearing a waist cincher for women by MYD, I decided to use another girdle that will benefit me as well, but also shape my thighs and hips. All of that without putting my comfort at risk while going unnoticed.

My second choice was Faja Salome 0414 | Fajas Salome with Butt Enhancement. It’s comfortable with an open-bust design and zipper closure. It goes unnoticed under any outfit. This shapewear for women will lift your butt naturally. It exceeded my expectations.

 Shapewear for women

Given that I loved the positive impact of wearing an everyday girdle, I recently bought a third compression girdle that offers me a different set of benefits. My job consists of sitting in front of a computer for many hours. My posture is affected so much that when I get home, I can’t stand the pain.

That is why I chose something more than just a tummy control girdle. When I want to correct my posture, I use MARÍAE 9831 Colombian Slimming Butt Lifter Shapewear. It provides me with the same benefits as Fajas Salome 0414, but in this case, its wide straps help me keep my back straight, perfect for sitting in front of the computer for long hours.

 Shapewear for women

The real effect of wearing Colombian Shapewear for Women

One day, a coworker came up to me and asked what my secret was to be in a good mood and look awesome all the time. I smiled because I didn’t notice the positive impact of my morning habits on others. When you feel good about yourself, the whole world notices. I told her all about my morning habits, and she started making new habits. She asked me which girdle I recommend to boost her confidence. We started talking about Daily Use Girdles to see which garment will fit her best.

My coworker has beautiful curves, voluptuous like all Latin women are. She always wanted to shape her thighs and tummy. I recommended her Fajas MYD 0078 | Post Surgery Compression Garments Liposuction. This is the perfect girdle for her because it offers her full back coverage with pads on the shoulders for added comfort.

Shapewear for women

She loved the way it highlighted the beautiful curves in her waist and hips. The pants she wore look spectacular and her smile, well, never looked so bright and genuine.

Which shapewear girdle should I wear?

That was the question my mom popped after noticing my positive attitude and how beautiful I look nowadays. She asked me about the benefits and if I noticed the results of wearing a girdle for women. My answers were all straight YES. I told her all about my morning habits and how good I feel about myself since I started wearing Colombian shapewear for women

My mother, like most Caribbean women, has prominent buttocks and a rather small waist. She is 60 years old, lively and hardworking. We decided that the best design for her was Faja Colombiana Salome 0219 High Waist Capri Shaper because it adjusts perfectly to her body type. This girdle comes with elastic bands that keep it from rolling down.

Shapewear for women.

All women can feel great wearing tummy control shapewear. It benefits us in many aspects of our lives. If you’d like to know which girdle is perfect for you, I invite you to read our blog The Different Types of Body Shapers and Their Benefits and clear up any doubts you may have. 

Give your life a new vantage point by adding healthy habits to your morning routine and go out there and conquer the world with your favorite Colombian tummy control shapewear for women. That’s my best advice. 

Shapewear for women


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  • Trust me the benefits of being daily in a vintage girdle are real. Your posture and figure is really much improved. Your clothes fit so much better nice and smooth. Once you can keep your stomach muscles relaxed and just allow your girdle to give your stomach and back well needed control and support everyday you find you have much more energy and you feel really great. Women back during the Golden Age of Girdles 40s, 50s, 60s knew of these benefits and were daily always in a girdle. The benefits are real.

    - Tom Sleifer

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