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Colombian Butt Lifter Shorts and other Summer Trends

Colombian Butt Lifter Shorts and other Summer Trends

The fashion world stumbles with the arrival of summer and we get ready to adapt ourselves to the dressing trends throughout the most expected season of the year. The butt lifter shorts make the sensuality that characterizes the hottest days arise. The clothes that enhance your body become the best friends for those who like to show a sexy figure without leaving comfort and safety on a side.

The bum lifter colombian jeans, the rear lifter shapewear and the butt lifter shorts are accessible options to buy online and they allow us to visibly improve our body’s appearance and to adapt to the summer tendencies.

The Best Butt Lifter Shorts

The butt lifter shorts are the perfect addition to your wardrobe since you can wear them with almost any kind of clothing (specially with girdles). And it is ideal to shape and outline a specific area in your body.

Your hips, thighs and rear will now be the center of the attention. The molding butt lifter shorts will flatten your belly. They will enhance that not so attractive bump that comes out of your abdomen and ruins your perfect outfit. It molds your thighs and softens the cellulitis marks making them invisible under your clothing, as well as in your thighs and rear.

Benefits of using the Colombian Butt Lifter Shapewear

The rear lifting effect gives your rear a rounded shape, helping you look beautiful in those skinny jeans or dressing pants you have avoided to wear because of being afraid not to look good enough in them.

The compression shorts are perfect to go to work, because they are invisible under your clothing. No matter what fabric they are made of, they will not be noticeable. The powernet in the butt lifter shorts won’t only give you a sexy silhouette but they will also tone your waist and they will also eliminate the cellulite, with time and use.

Within the most attractive options that you can select for this summer you have the Butt Lifter Shorts Post Pregnancy Girdle M&D S0311 which are perfect for daily use, molding your figure and enhancing your rear. They have the right compression level thanks to the powernet, and at the same time their inner microfiber cover lets your skin breathe.

butt lifter shorts

The feeling of freedom and comfort you get with the Open Bottom Shapewear for Butt Enhancement Salome 0319 will instantly make it one of your favorite garments. You can wear it under your pants, jeans, shorts and favorite dresses without being noticeable. The design brings a unique lift to your rear and the silicone bands in the thighs area avoid the garment from rolling up. You will love them!

If you are looking for butt lifter shorts with an internal girdle, Lowla has the solution with the Lowla Shapewear 239717. Nobody will tell that under these fresh and ideal garments for summer, you’re wearing a compression girdle that helps mold your curves and camouflage the love handles.

Haven’t decided yet? Check out all of our models from the best butt lifter shorts here.

Butt Lifter Shapewear

Within the products Shapes Secrets offers, there’s a very popular category for the women who want to feel comfortable and confident every day, while they carry out their active routine, especially during the busy summer days: the butt lifter shapewear .

If you want to enhance your rear and give them a bigger look while wearing pants, jeans or dresses, you have to try the Fajas Salome Shapewear 0216 out. It is perfect to achieve a toned silhouette, reduce waist sizes, mold and lift your rear.

Another butt lifter molding shapewear that could turn into your best ally is the Diane & Geordi 2405F. It has an open bust and a heart shaped rear to enhance your curves in a natural way.

butt lifter shorts

In addition to all these advantages within the colombian butt lifter reducing shapewear, the material that covers the area of the gluteus reaches the abdomen flattening it as well, so whenever you wear it you feel safer and more comfortable.

Keeping a healthy and beautiful body means that a lot of women cannot complete their busy agendas nowadays. Working women are the most affected ones, even more if they have children at home. Even though it sounds incredible, famous people go through the same thing so they get a helping hand with girdles.

Choose the colombian butt lifter shapewear that you prefer by clicking on this link.

Colombian Butt Lifter Jeans

The colombian butt lifter jeans are other essential items within the female wardrobe because of the versatility that characterizes this comfortable garment for daily use. It adds its compressive technology and lifting effect.

They have the perfect combination between the control of key areas in your body and details in its design that never goes unnoticed.

If your  style is classic, the Lowla Shapewear 217988 are perfect in any of their 3 colors: dark blue, light blue and black. They perfectly adjust to the body for further definition, and the best of all: they have removable pads  in case you want to show sharp curves.

On the other hand, if you are more trendy and you are not afraid of wearing daring designs, the Laty Rose 2014 will thrill you: they are torn at the front and they have beading in the pockets. The denim cotton, lycra and polyester combination make these pants stretch more than common jeans giving a natural effect while lifting your rear. To check the butt lifter jeans collection click here.

butt lifter shorts

Denim Compression Jumpsuit 

Summer is the right moment to show your legs and to enjoy this season’s warm weather. If you like short dresses, this Lowla Shapewear 299001 is perfect to match with flats or high heels. Either way, you will look stylish! The best of all of this? Its internal girdle.

The jumpsuit Lowla Shapewear 269255 is the sexy garment you want in your closet when there’s not much time to think about your outfit or combining your clothing. Besides, its capability to make you look more stylish will make it instantly one of your favorite, not only for summer but throughout the whole year.

To see more all-in-one shapewear and denim garments with an internal girdle click on this link.
Full Body Butt Lifter Girdle

Colombian Butt Lifter: Compression + Style

If you’re concerned about how uncomfortable wearing these butt lifter shorts the whole day can be, keep in mind that they have an inner microfiber cover that provides a soft and fresh feeling without marking your skin and letting it breathe and perspire.

Picture how well your rear will look when you shape it with a pair of butt lifter shorts. Pamper yourself and transform your shape into a beautiful, delineated and sexy silhouette.

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