The Best Slim Waist Exercises and our Slimming Waist Trainer

The Best Slim Waist Exercises and our Slimming Waist Trainer

Many people think that if you have a well-defined waist the rest of your body will look perfect, and in some way that’s true, but have you ever wondered what kind of waist exercise should you do without turning into a torture? In this post you’ll realize how easy it’ll become once you acquire it as a daily routine and even so if you wear a slimming waist trainer… believe me.

Doing exercises is one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do, even more when is the first time. Sometimes our decision is based in our free time availability, or the kind of exercise you want to perform, but honestly those are just excuses, it all comes down when someone takes a picture of you wearing a bathing suit, that’s the moment you know when you have to start working out.

Most of us think we need plenty of free time to exercise, but that’s not entirely true. We can do 15 minutes slim waist exercises before taking a shower. Here, you are going to find 3 waist exercise that will give excellent results in little time, we also recommend 3 waist cinchers that will optimize the desired outcome.

Slim waist exercises + Slimming waist trainer

Let’s start our slim waist exercises routine with an exercise that requires a lot of effort or resistance but it is very simple to do at home.


This is one of the most complete routines, it is mainly focused in balance, and precision while resisting. Your abs, waist, arms, and legs are going to receive the benefit in just 4 minutes.
Colombian Waist Trainer

This is a quite an easy exercise and you’ll definitely feel how your body really works. Place a mat and lie on the floor with elbows directly beneath your shoulders and legs fully extended. Raise your torso into the air until it makes a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Tighten your stomach, squeeze your butt and hold this position for 20 secs and then 10 secs for rest. Complete for 2 minutes and distribute in 4 sets.

Our colombian slimming waist trainer really works!

Have better results combining your slim waist exercises routine with our colombian slimming waist trainer.

Let’s start with this one, LT. Rose 1042: I love this waist cincher because I feel it truly gets the part of my body I want to work on. Made of latex with an inner cotton lining that prevents the skin from any rash due to sweating. It has a velcro closure system and elastic spandex to adapt different size levels.

 Colombian Waist Trainer

Dumbbell Side Bends

Grasp a dumbbell or two weighted objects if you don't have any dumbbells at home. Stand straight up, open your legs same distance to your shoulder and start balance from one side to another, start with 2 sets of 25 reps each.

 Colombian Waist Trainer

This exercise is perfect to get rid of love handles even though we know is pretty challenging. We recommend you to use one of our slimming waist trainer and the job will be a lot easier to get results sooner.

This is a great opportunity to present you LATY ROSE 1020 3 HOOK & EYE ROWS FAJAS COLOMBIANAS LATEX WAIST TRAINER CINCHER: Its external area is made of latex and in the inside, you can find a cotton lining. With 3 levels of compression that will allow you to select the adjustment you need.

Perfect for long torso (13’’), it also has covered boning which will help you to maintain a good posture during your routine. This Laty Rose waist cincher increases the thermal activity that your body produces when doing some slim waist exercises, helping you to reduce measurements really fast.  


Colombian Waist Trainer


This exercise is very simple but pretty effective. You will see the results in buttocks, legs, hip, and waist, we can say that is a complete routine.

If you did the previous slim waist exercises routine we’ve recommended, it’ll be much easier to keep the initial position standing with your feet a little wider than your shoulder-width. Bend your knees, with a straight back and your arms up in front. The intention is to go down as if you were going to sit and get up again. 2 sets of 15 squats each, giving a total of 30 squats a day.

Colombian Waist Trainer
To combine these squats, we present the ANN CHERY 2040 METALLIC GOLD WORKOUT LATEX WAIST CINCHER with a super chic and modern external golden cover, it has 2 levels of adjustment so you can select the compression needed. Perfect for short torso (11’’). With a cotton fiber lining in the inside to protect your skin from sweating.

Colombian Waist Trainer
The wonderful results of exercising:

1. Improves your fitness.
2. Increases muscle mass.
3. Raises joint function.
4. Reduces fatigue.
5. Upgrades physical appearance.

I can name and number many benefits that working out brings to our lives. In my experience, you can forget about sadness or any concern when doing exercises. The truth is that we always need a booster in our life to make us feel happier and more confident. Working out lifts you up instantly!

"Fitness is not about being better than someone else...It’s about being better than you used to be"

Brett Hoebel

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