Happy Birthday to you and… Hey, you have to look beautiful.


There are girls like us that love b-days, there is also a group of people who live that day like any other Monday. However, in my case, I love the eve of my birthday even if I don’t organize something extravagant or don’t get fancy presents, that day is my name day! That’s why I like to think that I’m special for one day in the whole year. So, if I want to shine on my special day, what to wear on my birthday?

We’ve got 3 options that will make you steal all looks (more than any other day) and when it comes to stealing looks, we’re going to include a special trick inside your birthday outfits that will boost your figure, even more, a fabulous slimmer faja to highlight your curves and look more feminine and spectacular.

Go to your closet, and let’s see what we can find so we can figure what type of birthday outfits to buy without exceeding your budget.





Dare to show your legs on a special day such as your birthday. How about a sexy skirt that apart from being trendy will highlight YOU wherever you go, and if it’s a colored one you can match it with black and BOOM! An instant chic outfit. Black jackets are never out of fashion and will give a super chic style to any outfit you wear, and boots ... oh my boots! We love it and if they are not high, it’s better, you can be comfortable all day. Do not forget about your hair, you will look sensational with a wavy hair. But, if you want that skirt to look super spectacular, we’ve got a slimmer faja that highlights the figure, that fits perfectly and visually imperceptible.

I DIANE & GEORDI 2405F. It seems that its design is versatile and ideal as an everyday garment, all that, because it’s visually invisible and it shapes your figure like you’ve never seen before. It’s the perfect slimmer faja due to its strapless outline, which helps it to be even more invisible under clothes, that’s not all, it will lift your buttocks.

These birthday outfits highlight your silhouette and help to mold it at the same time. Feel unique and comfy until the night celebration with family and friends. The best of all is that you can wear it wherever you go without being noticed and even wear it every day because it’s easy to wear, comfortable and fresh. It has a lateral zipper, perineal hooks, and removable straps. So, if a ceaseless thought like what to wear on my birthday is on your mind, you can now be a bit more certain about it. Why? Because we've got you another birthday outfit, enjoy it. 


Every year I want to look pretty the day I celebrate my life and I traditionally ask myself: What to wear on my birthday? What a crucial and important question. We just gave you an idea and if you want more options, let’s move on to the next one.

If the idea you have in mind is feeling a bit more relaxed but still be beautiful, let’s get a sexy and elegant birthday outfits for you.


As you can see, it looks like a trendy option for you to wear jackets, these cream color or any other light color will make you look cooler and more natural, especially if you are like me, I wear dark colors a lot. Maybe you could be a risk-taker birthday girl and wear colors you are not used to; The whole idea is to look pretty without trying so hard, it’s a modest outfit, but at the same time is as appealing as the previous one. Ripped jeans and the hemline’s outlines that look amazing and give you a ravishing style, on the other hand, high heels are the ones that can give the formal touch to your super special day.

These jeans and a loosy blouse fit gloriously with our Sonryse 046ZL that can be used as a slimmer faja with comfiness and style, don’t forget that. Wearing this daily use faja you are going to feel that you’re not wearing it at all. Your skin will feel soft and prepared to receive all the hugs that you will get.

It even works as a post-partum or post-surgery garment, I mean, you will wear it a lot when you get used to it, that’s a promise. The inner part of this Colombian faja with bra is made of lycra. All of that to offer you control, comfort and to make it a soft garment when it’s in contact with your skin. The design of this body faja is set up to provide adjustment, lift your buttocks and keep your breasts in place. This means you will never ask yourself what to wear on my birthday and if you look great, you will definitely look gorgeous.


Ok! It’s your birthday, one more year breathing and of course you want to look more invigorating and radiating than ever, let’s try with a dress.



I chose a short dress because you can wear it during the day and because it always highlights your legs and BTW (It’s the best attribute of most girls). We suggest getting a flowy dress with bright colors and subtle details that fill it with that special magic, the important thing here is that you can feel safe and charming wearing it. You can be sure that you will erase any doubts when you wonder: what to wear on my birthday and if there's is something that I can use to complete the birthday outfits that I always wanted to wear. Well, doubt no more, this is the ultimate guide for birthday girls like you.

This type of cut on a dress needs a good option: A gentle compression. That’s why we totally recommend the SALOME FAJA 0414, which is a synonym for movement, freedom, liberty, and comfortability. You will look magnificent, making it your best option in such a special day. Visually, the change will be immediate, your waist will look shaped and your abdomen flat, plus a butt lifting effect on your buttocks. It’s a simple design ideal for an everyday use; made of Powernet, Elastane, and Lycra. The inner cotton lining is manufactured with hypoallergenic cotton that brings you softness and comfiness to your skin.

Any of these 3 options will make you look like a princess on the date you celebrate one more year and Shapes Secrets celebrates it with you, although we think you look sensational every day.

If you want to look even more beautiful during the next 365 days, visit our blog “The different types of body shapers and their benefits”. Achieve the waistline you dream and may your next birthday be cooler and greater.

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