Simple steps to know your shapewear for women’s right size

Simple steps to know your shapewear for women’s right size
Experts share with us some tricks to find the perfect compression shapewear size.


If you are reading this, you are just my kind of girl, you are self-confident and love to feel and look great always. If you need to mold your body a bit to feel like that, then why not to use Colombian fajas to look always on point every day. 

Have you ever noticed how celebs’ bodies always look so fit and in shape? A jaw-dropping figure and breath-taking curves are now possible because behind those bodies, there’s a beauty secret: compression shapewear.

Looking like a movie star is not just a dream anymore, we can help you to make it possible. We consulted a few experts to know about how wearing shapewear for women helps us reinforce our self-confidence anytime, anywhere.  

Shapewear for women

Tips to looking great with Colombian fajas while walking  

  1. Wear the girdle in your right size so it goes unnoticed under your clothes and your self-confidence can get all the attention.
  2. Wear clothes that adapt to your style and are appropriate for the places you want to go while wearing your shapewear.
  3. Define what color is more flattering for you and get the most out of your skin tone.
  4. Don’t forget to take care of the little details, like your hair, your nails, and your accessories.
  5. Love your body the way it is, you are gorgeous without a doubt.
  6. Be proud of the fact you want to enhance your curves, there’s nothing embarrassing in wearing shapewear for women.
  7. Walk like you own the world, cause you do!

Confident women know their shapewear and girdles size

Wearing Colombian fajas is way easier than you think. Plus, the benefits are so many. But choosing the perfect girdle first requires you to define what you need your shapewear for women for, and what results in you want to get since there are different levels of compression according to your needs.

There are low compression girdles that mold your body delicately, medium compression ones to smooth love handles and reaffirm your figure, and last but not least, high compression shapewear to help get your silhouette back after giving birth or to speed up the healing process after plastic surgery.

An important fact according to experts in shapewear for women is that the compression in Colombian fajas will depend on the brand you choose, its material and its design. In order to choose the perfect girdle for you, we invite you to read The Different Types of Body Shapers and Their Benefits.

Which is the right shapewear size for me?

Wearing shapewear for women has never caused me any discomfort. Actually, the freedom and confidence I feel while wearing a girdle are beyond words, and all this is because I always choose the right size for my compression shapewear so it doesn't hurt me or leaves marks on my skin.

Click on this video and find out how to know your right Colombian fajas size.


Also, I have written down all the steps so it gets easier for you: 

  1. Get in front of the mirror and visualize what parts of your figure you want to mold.
  2. Use a measuring tape to know the exact measurement of your waist, to do it right, put the measuring tape around your waist like a belt, above your belly button, and under your ribs.
  3. With the same tape, measure your hips around its entire circumference considering the widest area of your buttocks.
  4. Write down all the measurements. 
  5. In our website, search for the compression shapewear you want, there’s a size chart in every description.
  6. Use the information you already wrote down and compare with the size chart.
  7. If you are between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger one.

In this size chart, you can also check your height and weight, but only your measurements can help us find out the right size.

Shapewear for women

Another way to get the right size is to pick a larger size than the one you regularly use when wearing a dress. That is to say, if you’re Medium size in dresses, you can buy a Large size girdle, that way you can mold your figure, hide your loose skin and get that awesome body you’ve been dreaming about, without feeling any discomfort.

Downsides of wearing wrong size shapewear for women

Our Colombian fajas are made of great materials that won’t hurt your skin and also go unnoticed under your clothes. 

Wearing compression shapewear too small for your body type won’t make you look thinner, and can be harmful, consider the following consequences you can get if you wear a smaller size than the one you should be wearing:

  • Difficulty to go to the bathroom
  • Reduced mobility
  • Breathing deficiency 
  • The internal organs when feeling compressed can alter their normal functions
  • Foment the formation of gastric gases which can cause pain
  • The food will not be digested correctly
  • The nerves can be compressed

So it is better to prevent any discomfort and enjoy our curves and lives like the confident women we are, with the Colombian Fajas. Remember shapewear is meant to make you feel free, sexy and empowered.

If you need any extra help, you can find it here, our assistance is great and you’ll be sure that they know what they’re talking about. 

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  • This information was very helpful in choosing my size.. I wasn’t sure if I should size down or get my size.. Thanks for the hints.

    - Tonya

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