6 Types of Colombian Shapewear for Independent Women

6 Types of Colombian Shapewear for Independent Women

We love the design variety featured by compression garments since they adapt to all women making them stronger, independent and overwhelmingly beautiful. Come and get some Colombian girdle body shapers to make you feel like an empowered woman.

A powerful woman is the one that feels self-confident, no matter what people think, she is genuine, independent and inspired. The power is shown with attitude and female self-assurance because they know and accept themselves and more importantly, they love themselves in a way so they always decide to look fantastic. To wear their favorite clothes to get a stunning appearance and also combine with the girdle wanted to highlight the curves.  


Colombian girdle body shapers


Colombian girdle for women to feel empowered!

If you like compression garments to feel more confident, first recognize the reason to wear Colombian girdles. It’s essential to the results you are expecting, whether you get it for postsurgical, postpartum or aesthetic purposes.

Particularly, I love the idea of flattening the abdomen and molding the waist to feel great with my curves. There are some women that desire to mold their waist and buttocks or reduce arms sizes. Each woman has a specific need, like a good recovery after surgery or giving birth. If you identify yourself with these characteristics, we invite you to read our blog: How to choose the perfect Colombian shapewear?

Independent women recognize their natural shape and genuine femininity when they accept themselves exactly how they are, they fall in love with the idea of looking gorgeous every day and taking care of every single detail of their appearance. That’s is why they choose the garment they are going to wear very well. As empowered women we are unique. Comparing is not part of us, we know who we are and feel great with that. For this reason, we like to feel confident when picking up the best garment at a particular moment.

Now, I’m going to tell you the characteristics of six Colombian shapers for a super woman like you.


Feel always ready: Types of Colombian shapers for coverage

Colombian girdle body shapers


They are a very comfortable option for shaping the silhouette and they are many girls’ favorite design; there is a wide range of prospects for this kind of Colombian fajas for women and they are categorized for the coverage given.

Let’s start talking about those full body girdles that cover all troubled areas: Sonryse 052 Colombian Full Body Shaper with Bra is ideal as a postsurgical garment. It will shape your thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen even when it offers medium compression, which makes it a smart girdle choice during your recovery process after surgery.  From all the post-surgery compression garments we offer you, this is an excellent option.

Colombian girdle body shapers


Regarding postsurgical girdles like Sonryse 052, experts say: “They facilitate the process of deep healing of the tissues. In addition, they adequately limit the mobility of the operated region.”

Our advice always is to consult with your surgeon for a better and excellent recovery after surgery.

Now, if you like this girdle design but you also want compression in your arms, a great option is Fajas Salome 0525 | Full Body Girdle for Weight Loss. Its benefits are pretty similar but it also comes with sleeves and open bust to allow you to wear your favorite bra.


Colombian girdle body shapers

Security and compression for every day

Let’s talk about very comfortable models that adjust all areas we want to mold. It is wonderful and so delightful to find garments that flatten the abdomen, highlight the waist, mold the hips and lift the buttocks, everything to make us look gorgeous. This and more can be found with Laty Rose 21111 | Body Shaper Butt Lifter Faja Colombiana Levanta.  It offers medium compression, and features a side zipper closure and silicone band hemline at mid-thigh, to keep it from rolling up, making it pretty comfortable to walk, work and even dance. 

This model comes in three different colors that go unnoticed under any outfit. For this reason, it is a fantastic choice to wear every day, it will be your best friend to carry every day and show off the confidence that makes you feel awesome.


Colombian girdle body shapers


Mid-thigh and high back design to help you correct your posture. Faja Salome 0217 | Body Shaper for Women, hide those bulges in the arm area (don’t worry about that, since many of us have them and also want to hide them) a correct posture is the main characteristics of an independent woman.

This girdle has all the characteristics we are looking for after surgery because it compresses the waist and abdomen reducing inches while being comfortable, and it’s also wonderful if you want to lift your buttocks. Isn't it perfect to flaunt a stunning figure?


Colombian girdle body shapers


There are women who also prefer more comfort at the moment of wearing any type of Colombian shapewear and choose those models that do not cover the legs to feel at ease, so let's talk about hiphugger and thong panties.

In the last few years, hiphugger panties have become more popular. There are many girls who prefer wearing this kind of compression garment for comfort and attractiveness (my friends and I love them), and if you count on the coverage and the different benefits that  this kind of compression bodysuit design offers, you will understand the reason why it’s one of our favorites.

Let's talk about Salome 0412 | Strapless Shapewear Bodysuit Hiphuggers, its elastic bands are very feminine and keep it from rolling up when we are walking or running errands. It’s strapless and perfect to wear after abdominal surgery or for daily use. It also highlights the curves without being uncomfortable. The slimmer silhouette you get with these garments is absolutely wonderful, given that it flattens the abdomen and lifts the buttocks with a natural effect. We love them! Because it makes us feel more powerful than ever.


Colombian girdle body shapers


If you’re interested in wearing those pants that you really like, we have a perfect choice, wear them with thong girdles, especially 2149 Diane Shapewear Bodysuit Thong. Its unnoticeable design flattens the abdomen, highlights the waist and molds the breasts. You can find them in 4 different colors, black, beige, white and a beautiful red to wear them under a cocktail dress or a spectacular red gown. Super sexy!


Colombian girdle body shapers


You will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable design that better adapts to your body and gives you the comfort and confidence that every compression garment should offer you. Click on each girdle to get to know more benefits about them.

It is the moment to live our independence to the fullest! A girdle will be our great friend to look even more gorgeous than we actually do every day. Let's show all that potential we have by wearing firm control shapewear that highlights the power of our curves.


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