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Which Girdle is the Best to Shape your Body?

Which Girdle is the Best to Shape your Body?

Shaping your body and giving you a stunning look is one of the main functions of Colombian Fajas, that's why they have become so popular and why not? An essential accessory for women. If you want to be in the loop, just keep reading, we will tell you which girdle is the best to shape your body.

What is the best Colombian Shapewear?

It's pretty simple! The best faja shapewear for you is the one that suits your body and needs. However, there are general benefits that all shaping girdles have, like defining the waist, softening the silhouette, hiding love handles and accentuating curves. The key is to choose the correct shapewear type for you.

Keep an eye out! To correctly choose the best body shaper, the one that shapes your figure and enhances your waist, you should identify your body type and take your measurements to choose the appropriate size.

Which Girdle is the best to shape your body?

  • Rectangle body shape: waist cincher, vest, bodysuit, short length girdle
  • Hourglass body shape: waist cincher, knee-length girdle, shaping shorts, short length girdle.
  • Triangle body shape: Knee-length girdle, shaping shorts, short length girdle.
  • Inverted triangle body shape: Vest, bodysuit, wide straps girdle.
  • Oval body shape: Bodysuit, short length girdle, adjustable levels of hook-and-eye.


Colombian fajas are medium and high compression garments to give you the best results. And if you are worried about your skin, they are mostly made with Powernet, internal cotton or nylon coverage for a softer touch allowing your skin to breathe.

Looking for a slender figure? You can wear a low compression girdle. Keep in mind they are usually seamless fajas ideal for that amazing outfit you have in your wardrobe, and of course the shaping power is not so high like the others. An intermediate choice is the Triconet one.  

Pro tip: Look at the following video and see how you should take your measurements. Identify your size in the size chart, you will find by brand in each of the products in our store.


What does the girdle do on your body?

If you are looking for a girdle that daily styles and shapes your silhouette while wearing your favorite outfits, check out the main benefits that you´ll get immediately after putting it on.

  • Hide "love handles" in the back and under the armpits:
Shapewear with high and medium back coverage helps to soften these bulges.

    The MariaE 9334 Colombian girdle is perfect if these are your critical areas. Due to its level of coverage on the thighs, it is ideal for women with oval, rectangle, and inverted triangle bodies.

    If you have a pear or hourglass body, we suggest Mariae 9152 or 9182 reference.

    Fajas MariaE 9334 Colombian Postpartum Body Shaper

    • Accentuates the waist:

    Compression shapewear with a fastening system on the abdomen allows you to choose the compression along the torso, helping to accentuate the waist as you want.

    The MYD 0066 girdle is a must have for its ability to shape the figure, highlighting your attributes and giving the waist a more defined shape. It is recommended for women with triangle, oval, rectangle and hourglass bodies.

    If you have an inverted triangle type body, we suggest the reference 0048.

    Fajas MYD 0066 Colombian Tummy Control Shapewear

    • Flattens the tummy: 

    The girdles with hooks-and-eye closure allow greater compression on this area,remember that they can also be noticed more under clothing if it is very tight in this area.

    The level compression of Sonryse 211BF girdle is ideal if this is your goal when choosing a girdle to shape your figure. If you prefer a garment with thinner and removable straps, we suggest reference 066.

    Fajas Sonryse 211 Colombian Tummy Control Faja

    • Enhances the buttocks:

    The girdles that have nylon reinforced with high seams in the butt area are really helpful to create the natural butt lifting effect, giving you a very beautiful shape to your figure.

    Thanks to its design, the Diane and Geordi 2396 girdle offers a wide space on the butt area that allows a super lifting effect, it is also perfect for women of all body types.

     Diane and Geordi Fajas 2396 Butt Lifter Lipo Compression Shapewear

    • Improves posture:

    The Colombian fajas that have three lines of seams on the back help improve your posture, making it easier for it to remain straight and stylize your body.

    The high back Salome 0216 design improves healthy posture throughout the day. If your body is a triangle body shape, we recommend the reference 0520.

    Fajas Salome 0216 Open Bust Tummy Control Shapewear Girdle

    Pro tip: If you need a Postpartum shapewear or an after surgery faja, check out all the information you have for you in our Step-by-step guide to choose the correct Colombian girdle.

    We hope this article helps you choose the perfect Colombian girdle to shape your body. Keep in mind you can contact us through chat or our customer service line to help you with your questions.






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