How to Choose the Perfect Colombian Shapewear?

How to Choose the Perfect Colombian Shapewear?

If you are reading this, it is probably because you already know what a compression garment is. Of course, you want to be sure how to choose the right faja Colombiana according to your needs.

Let's face it! There are as many body shaper options as body types, and not all styles may not work for you. Before choosing Colombian shapewear, you must be clear about your needs and individual body features. 

Now, you will find tricks step by step about everything you need to know to choose the best design for you.



  1. Define your need
  2. Identify your body type
  3. Choose the compression level
  4. Choose the correct size

At the end of this post, you will know the best and most comfortable one for you. Let's start!

1) Define your need:

Considering your goals is the main reason you need to be clear when choosing the right shapewear garment. This information will depend on the girdle style, features, fabric materials, and coverage levels, which you definitely should not overlook.

  • Post Surgery Shapewear

    Post-op shapewear is necessary because they reduce pain and swelling, bleeding and avoid edemas in the treated area. These benefits are the main ones to complete recovery after post-surgery treatment and achieve successful aesthetic results.


    There are general suggestions that we can share with you. It is essential to consult your doctor about what type of compression garment is recommended to you, based on the surgery you are getting and your unique needs.


    Colombian post surgery body shapers usually come with a built-in bra and wide coverage design, knee-length style, and even sleeves included. They help to mold and provide necessary firm compression and support to the body. This is a must-have when the surgical procedure involves several areas.


    Make sure to buy a garment endorsed as post-surgery shapewear. This way, you can make sure that you will not suffer from infections or rashes during your recovery. Most of these garments are made of smart fabrics to help you protect your skin from any type of issues.


    Key aspects to consider at the moment to choose the best post-surgery garment: 

    1. Be careful that zippers or hooks do not remain in a place that hurts your scar(s). You can also choose a tubular style with front or side zipper closure.
    2. The crotch open space must be wide enough to provide more comfort when going to the bathroom.
    3. Powernet fabric is recommended to allow your skin to breathe and to control sweating.
    4. Hypoallergenic inner lining.
    Post Surgery Colombian Shapewear

  •  Postpartum Shapewear 

    During pregnancy, muscles that cover the abdominal area expand and separate. After birth, the belly continues to distend, and our body does not go back into shape easily. 


    Postpartum shapewear promotes appropriate healing of the wound after a C-section. It also reduces swelling or pain during the first weeks, and immediately cuts off inches visually. 

    Key aspects for picking the best postpartum girdle: 

    1. Try to have a body shaper girdle with several levels of compression. You can grade its adjustment according to your healing stage.
    2. The inner lining must be made of Cotton, Microfiber, or a fabric that makes you feel comfortable.
    3. Investigate, look for opinions and choose a reliable garment. Do not forget to consult your doctor before you make your final decision.
    4. Open bust girdles allow you to wear your favorite maternity bra. You can enjoy comfort while breastfeeding your baby.


    Postpartum Bodysuit Girdle for Women
  • Everyday Shapewear:

    To ease into wearing everyday shapewear, you must be clear that every woman has a need and a different body type. For this reason, it is necessary to know the areas you want to mold before choosing the right one. For everyday occasions and outfits, there is a shapewear style that fits you. 


    If you have a special event coming up and you'd like to wear a tight dress, we recommend a seamless or slip-on girdle. 


    Waist cincher girdles (ideal for going to the office or going out) can be worn on your daily basis from 8 to 12 hours. We recommend using it for 4 hours while you adapt to its compression.


    Tips to follow before choosing everyday shapewear:

    1. Take into account your body type and the trouble areas you want to mold. 
    2. Choose a color and level of coverage that match your clothing style.
    3. Consider the level of compression according to the number of hours in the day you plan to use it.
    4. Choose the fabric materials according to the compression you need (more information below).
    Everyday Shapewear

    2) Identify your body shape:

  • Rectangle Body Shape:

    It is one of the most common body types among women. Most super-models have this body shape which means most clothes are designed for this. The rectangle body shape has an athletic appearance, where hips and bust are balanced. A waist cincher, a shaper best vest, a faja bodysuit, or a short length body shaper are ideal girdles for a rectangle body type. 

    Rectangle Body Shape


  • Hourglass Body Shape:

    Hourglass body types feature curvy silhouettes, well-defined waists with fuller busts, hips, and thighs. The recommended ones for an hourglass body shape are waist cincher, knee-length, mid-thigh, or shaper shorts design.

    Hourglass Body Shape


  • Triangle Body Type:

    The triangle body type is known for having hips wider than shoulders. The bust is usually small, and legs are prominent. For a triangle body type, we recommend a knee-length, short, or mid-thigh design.

    Triangle Body Shape

  • Inverted Triangle Body Type:

    Women with an inverted triangle body type have their upper half larger than their hips. The girdles recommended for an inverted triangle body type are: vest or body girdles with wide straps. 

    Inverted Triangle Body Shape
  • Oval Body Shape:

    Women with this body type usually have a not very defined waist and rounded shoulders. Some suggestions about the best compression garments to complement your oval figure are: a bodysuit girdle, mid-thigh shapewear, or shapers with hook-and-eye closures. 

    Round Body Shape

    3) Choose the compression level:

  • Seamless Shapewear: Low compression

    These are thinner garments that smooth your silhouette while being comfortable, but they do not provide much support.


  • Triconet girdles: Medium compression

    These girdles offer more support and control to mold the figure. Triconet is a very comfy and cool material, ideal for daily use, special occasions, and also as post-surgical stage 1 shapewear.


  • Powernet Shapewear: High Compression

    Shapewear made with Powernet gives you firm compression and excellent support to help you sculpt and shape, besides visually reducing inches. Due to its versatility, it is a highly recommended material for daily, postpartum and post-surgical use.


  • Latex Shapewear: Maximum compression

    This is the max compression you will find in girdles. Latex is an ideal material to powerfully smooth the figure. If you have recent scars or recovering from surgery, we DON'T recommend girdles made from this material. 


    4) Choose the correct size garment:

    Last but not least, you must choose your faja shapewear size correctly. This is THE KEY to achieve stunning results with total comfort. 

    • Always be guided by the size chart according to each faja brand. You will find it under each product in our online store.
    • The best way to select your size is by taking your measurements, especially those of the waist and hips.
    • Always guide yourself by your largest measurement. If you are between two sizes, and it is the first time you use a Colombian girdle, we recommend you pick the largest one.
    • Use our size calculator or contact customer service for more advice. Do not hesitate to ask us your questions.

    Now, you know the steps you must follow before choosing the correct girdle. We are always here to help you feel confident and beautiful with your curves!

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