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Postpartum Girdle: Benefits

Postpartum Girdle: Benefits

Also know as Postpartum Shapewear - Postpartum Girdles

Childbirth is a truly transformative experience, literally, figuratively and emotionally. Once the babymoon is over and the newness of motherhood fades, many women find that they're left with a less-than-perfect figure that leaves them feeling self-conscious.

In fact, the physical transformations that follow pregnancy and childbirth are a major contributor to postpartum depression, also known as the ''baby blues.'' But that's precisely where postpartum shapewear can come in handy!

Also known as postpartum girdles, these innovative body shapers can smooth those not-so-perfect spots while you work out to burn off the baby fat.

So what are the benefits of wearing a postpartum shaper after pregnancy? Consider the following:

AutoestimaIt's a boost to self-esteem.

No woman likes to feel flabby and that's precisely how many moms feel after childbirth. You've gained some baby weight and can take time to burn off the weight. It also takes time for the muscles and skin to retract into a normal position. A postpartum girdle can help you feel more confident in your body as your figure normalizes.

GoodIt supports postpartum muscle recovery.

Following childbirth, it's like your abdomen has literally been ''deflated'' and it takes time for your skin to regain elasticity and for the muscles to contract. Holding those muscles and skin in a more anatomically-correct position can help promote recovery. A postpartum girdle can also help promote better posture, which strengthens your core and midsection naturally.

SupportIt keeps your midsection in place.

Postpartum shapers also prevent uncomfortable movement in the skin of your midsection. Movement of this loose skin is not only uncomfortable and embarrassing; it can actually result in new stretch marks and permanent damage to the skin's elasticity. That's because the movement of the skin damages the newly-forming collagen and elastin structures which would normally help your skin tighten up naturally. So preventing movement of that loose skin can help to bring about a speedier recovery and a more attractive post-baby midsection.

WomenIt helps women recover from a c-section.

A postpartum girdle can also be especially helpful for women who've undergone a caesarian section. The pressure from the postpartum shaper will help reduce abdominal area swelling and it will also limit potentially-painful tissue movement. Some shapewear also limits your bending and twisting movements ever so slightly, which can be helpful during c-section recovery when these movements can be painful or even dangerous since they can tear muscles, sutures and cause pain if you have staples.

FitYour clothing will fit better.

Postpartum girdles can go a long way toward helping you look better in your pre-pregnancy clothing! And that's something that's sure to make every new mom smile!

Pregnancy transforms your body in many ways and reclaiming your body is a process. But postpartum shapewear from Shape Secrets can help promote recovery after childbirth, while putting you on the path to feeling and looking incredible!

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