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Girdles for Women: Use a Compression Girdle

Girdles for Women: Use a Compression Girdle

Best Compression Girdle to Wear Under a Nightgown

Every woman in the world wants to look spectacular at all times, specially in those fancy occasions where they want to outstand among all. To have an amazing figure in a quick way, you can always wear an everyday use faja, without stressing for doing strict diets, or you can also complement your workout results using a faja Colombiana.

In fact, colombian fajas can be women's best friends on those nights when they want to feel like a princess. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria or Jennifer López actually use fajas on redcarpet events. And a compression garment is a must in your wardrobe.

Why do we recommend to use a shaper under your nightgown?

Fajas offer some great benefits like a good posture, which is good for your spine. To look like a model, you can't forget to have a correct posture.

Using a compression girdle will help you to have an hourglass figure, because it shapes your hips, and flattens your tummy, making your thighs look softer. They offer you all the advantages, so you can look wonderful in your celebration nights.

Having a better posture with an everyday use faja, can also bring benefits for your boobs, making them look firmer and also gives harmony to your body. A woman looks amazing when she feels that way.


Which ones are the best kind postsurgery faja to use under your nightgown?

Faja Salome 0217 After surgery Buttlifter Body Shaper

Despite being an after surgery faja, it can work as an everyday use one as well. If your dress has sleeves, it's a great option and will make your body look very symmetrical.   

              Faja postquirúrgica

Faja Salome 0413 Panty shaper

This kind of faja is ideal for hiding those extra inches in your tummy you don't want to show, besides it gives your the necessary freedom not to feel uncomfortable when you want to dance and having the movement you want on that special night.

            Tummy tuck girdle
Colombian Fajas Diane & Geordi 2396. After Lipo Bodyshaper for her

                  Compression Faja
Bodyshapers offer support on the behind, flattens your tummy and you can use it as a strapless as well, without worrying for the faja to move or drop. It's much more versatile and you can use it with any kind of dresses.

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