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Fajas Salome

Fajas Salome 0217 | Fajas Salome Body Shaper

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Fajas Salome Body Shaper

Get an outstanding look with the best Fajas Salome Body Shaper and get the figure you always dreamed of. This weight loss item that compresses your torso, waist, and abdomen comfortably reduces inches off your waist and stomach, that's not all, it is perfect for getting a butt lift effect, so you have a special multi-purpose product just set up for you. Worried about uncomfortable garments? we assure a garment you can even dance with because we know that comfiness is an important feature you care about.

This Fajas Salome Body Shaper is unparalleled for everyday use and as a post-partum garment as well. Since we care about your routine and what you do every day, we have set up a garment which is able to hold the activities you face during your day, and let's not forget to be a mother, as well as going to work, walk to your favorite destination or going out to do errands. We have managed to give you Salome Compression Garments with comfy designs for you to fulfill your day and look great at the same time.

Fajas Salome Body Shaper has given you the ultimate compression features, the Powernet placed at the outside layer of this garment enhances compression due to its double composition by combining Elastane and Polyamide that turn it elastic for you to move without hassles. The inner cotton lining allows movement with comfort.

The Fajas Salome Body Shaper has placed an invisible flat zipper closure combined with internal frontal hooks that increase compression, lateral thick compression wings to manage love handles. Imagine having 3 adjustable hook and eye features for you to adapt the compression and the back support in an instant, it could be done now with our Salome Compression Garments It also has an open perineal space to enhance comfort.

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