Which are the types of body shapers and their benefits?

The Different Types of Body Shapers

If you’re wondering what types of body shapers are, we are here to help you. Gone are the days when there was only one shapewear for everyone. Now, it's possible to find the right one for you. Regardless of the body shaper uses: flatten your tummy, lift or smooth out your silhouette, we've got the one you need.

Best body shapers benefits

Which are the different types of body shapers?

  1. Bodysuits.
  2. Waist shapers.
  3. Vests.
  4. Shorts.
  5. Slips.
  6. With bra.
  7. Panties.
  8. Open bust. 


  1. Bodysuits: We've already forgotten when the term “sausage casing” was used to refer to body shapers. When it comes to shapewear, bodysuits are the perfect foundation for your figure. They shape your midriff, tummy, thighs, and bottom without compromising your comfort. Other body shapers benefits? They’re ideal for those women who want instant lifting and tucking for any occasion.
  2. Waist Shapers: Do fajas shape your body? Waist shapers surely do and also guarantee tangible results in just seconds. Among their multiple benefits, you can enjoy a visibly reduced waistline (from 1 up to 4 inches depending on their compression), firm and flat midsection, posture improvement, and increased thermal activity. 
  3. Vests: Look no further to achieve that streamlined silhouette. Vests provide all-day comfort under any garment. Lightweight and smoothing, vests offer ample coverage, a contoured finish, and a sleek silhouette under your favorite tops while easily adapts to your lifestyle.
  4. Shorts: Among all types of body shapers, shorts are worth mentioning. Shorts are slightly more supportive than panties and will sculpt your figure a bit more. If you need a smoother, zoned compression look, they are a safe bet. Shorts not only control your tummy but also lift your booty to get that tantalizing silhouette you’ve been dreaming of.
  5. Slips: Slips took the shapewear world by storm. They slim your tummy and hips while lifting your derrière. Slips flatter every inch of your curves and give a boost to your lower half. You can also wear your own bra, and last but not least, their convenient length turns them into the perfect canvas under your dresses or skirts.
  6. With bra: Shapewear with bra makes wonders on your style, you have pretty much everything covered and can also forget about those wobbly bits under your armpits, or digging in your shoulders. The right body shaper with bra, minimizes flabs and lifts up the bust, so you’ll enjoy an enviable figure while everything stays in place.
  7. Panties: We shouldn’t forget how important panties are when we talk about body shaper uses. They have earned special attention since we can’t live without a nice set of briefs. Shapewear panties feature neat lines that provide smooth and flawless results and the best part is that no one will notice your best shaping secret.
  8. Open bust: What are fajas used for? Most people would say that fajas are used for “instant slimming and trimming for the body”. Even though that’s true, fajas are also your best allies to uplift your best assets. Let’s take open bust shapewear, for instance, it’ll shape your stomach, waist, and back, lift your breast and allow you to wear your favorite bra.

That’s why we’re very pleased to offer you our postpartum and postoperative Colombian body shapers. They’re the most attractive option when talking about shapewear. Fajas Salome, Diane & Geordi, MyD and MARÍAE are the South America brands that provide a wide trajectory in the manufacturing and designing of these kinds of compression garments.

Most people have a misconception about Colombian girdles. They think that their only purpose is to visually take some pounds off and stylize the figure. This is true until a certain point.

All bodies are different in some ways and they require different treatment. Fortunately, technology allows us to create more customized products with the aim to fit any silhouette. These are the best Colombian shapewear, check them out!


The Different Types of Body Shapers

Which are Colombian Body Shaper Uses?

It’s a myth that different types of body shapers are designed for overweight people. Men or women with any kind of shape can enjoy the benefits a girdle has to offer.

Another myth is that Colombian shapewear and body shapers are made with the purpose of losing weight.

Of course, you have to know what body shaper suits you best. You have to find the one that makes you feel comfortable and that adapts to your needs. One of the most common mistakes people tend to make when picking Different Types of Body Shapers is that they choose small sizes with the belief that they’re more effective.

Believe us!  When you pick a compression garment, the benefits are not only physical but also psychological. They become a tool that makes you feel more confident, safer and sexier every day.

If you are not sure about selecting the right size for you, check out the size chart below or go to our Shapes Secrets Catalogue.

the best body shapers and their benefits

Which are the Types of Body Shapers? Choose the Right One

  • Define your key areas

You need to know the types of body shapers as well as your body so you can pick the right shapewear. You must decide which areas of your body need more attention. If the abdomen is the area that needs more care, don’t pick waist shapers. You can choose a full-body shaper that offers more control and coverage around the waist and the underbust area.

That’s why we want to recommend our amazing Diane & Geordi 002408 | Colombian Full Body Shaper. It will make your silhouette look astonishing. If you’d like a shorter body shaper with more compression, you can pick this gorgeous MARÍAE 9182 Butt Lifter Shapewear With Shoulder Pads. It stylizes your figure with the exact compression. Any of them will highlight your curves and will make you feel safe and beautiful.

On the other hand, if you want to focus on the legs, you should pick high waisted compression shorts, capris or full body shapers. You should base your decision on what type of garment you’re going to wear with it. For dresses and skirts, the shapewear shorts are more convenient like MYD 0066 | Slimming Butt Lifter Open Bust Body Shaper. For jeans and pants, it is better to wear capris so if you have any cuts on the skin around the thighs, they won’t be noticed. Our 2414 Diane Faja Pescador and Fajas Colombianas Salome 0219 High Waist Capri Shaper help you stylize the waist and the thighs.  

  • Reducing VS Moulding

When picking a Colombian Shapewear you not only have to focus on the areas you want to improve but also in the aims you try to pursue. For example, it is not the same to reduce sizes, to mold or to offer support to the posture. These are different purposes and you can find options that adapt to your needs. You can also find some products that offer all these benefits at the same time.

Fajas Salome 0315-1 | Waist Cincher is ideal to mold the waistline and to use it as daily shapewear. If you wish to reduce sizes and highlight some other areas of your body such as the butt, the Diane & Geordi 2411 | Tummy Reducer Body Shaper fits perfectly to your body. It offers control in the abdomen and highlights the buttocks. Moreover, the inner microfiber coverage will make you feel very comfortable.

  • Postpartum Body Shaper

  • The Best Colombian Postpartum Body Shapers

During pregnancy, we go through some physical transformation. Some of them might take us by surprise since many things in our organism change. Colombian postpartum body shapers have been an option for a long time due to the help they provide to those dramatic variations in our bodies.

Little by little after delivery or C-section, our body adapts itself to return to its pre-pregnancy state. In this precise moment is when postpartum body shapers become a powerful tool for the recovery process after becoming a mother. 

Fajas Salome 0217 | Body Shaper for Women is one of the best options to get the compression you need after giving birth. It offers so many features that not only will help you control the vulnerable areas, but they also will outline your buttocks. Its open bust design helps in the breastfeeding process and its inner cotton coverage provides comfort allowing you to move freely.

Fajas Salome 0413 | Tummy Control Open Bust Shapewear for Women is the perfect balance between comfort and compression. Due to its Powernet, it offers the ideal compression and so much comfort so you can accomplish your daily tasks with no problem. It also provides hook-and-eye closure in the crotch area for you to have a nice experience when visiting the bathroom.

MYD 0047 | Hip-Hugger Post Surgical Body Shapers for Women offers high compression and its versatility allows you to wear any kind of garment over.


The Different Types of Body Shapers

  • Post Surgery Garments

  • Colombian Post-Surgery Girdles

The Colombian Post-surgery and post-liposuction garments are highly recommended to help in the recovery process after surgery.

Fajas Salome 0525 | Full Body Girdle for Weight Loss is a great ally after liposuction in the arms or legs. It provides Powernet fabrics that help in the healing and swelling recovery process. It also offers back coverage to give you the support you need.

MARÍAE 9262 Postoperative Shapewear With Included Bra controls and smooths your body thanks to the great coverage it provides. Whether you just had a bust or liposuction surgery, this girdle will keep you safe and comfortable.

MYD 0085 | Full Body Shaper For Women provides tummy control and open bust design. Its high back helps to improve posture and stylizes the silhouette.

If you want to know more options regarding post surgery girdles and pick the one that adapts to your needs click here.


The Different Types of Body Shapers

  • Sports Body Shapers

When you make the decision to improve your health, you start by exercising. It is of so much help to get a sports girdle that can keep everything where it belongs while you train. You don’t have to worry about burning calories since you’ll know the best Colombian body shapers to go training.

The MYD 0557 | Latex Waist Trainer Sport is the ally you need to help you improve your posture while you finish sit-ups series. No more excuses not to go to the gym since you’ll have the ideal tool at your side.

  • The best Daily Use Colombian Slimming Shapewear

If you still doubt that there’s not right shapewear for you in the variety of Colombian Slimming Body shapers, we invite you to explore the Daily use Shapewear. They provide you with support, safety, and all the benefits that we mentioned before. You can wear them with any kind of clothes while you accomplish your daily routine activities.

The Diane & Geordi 2405F | Postpartum Body Shaper C Section offers all the versatility of other strapless garments so you can wear them with your favorite tops and sleeveless dresses. If you need more control, you can remove the straps as you wish according to the type of outfit you’d like to wear.

If you worry about cellulitis in the thigh area, the Fajas Salome Shapewear 0216 | Body Shaper Compression Garments will help you control and hide those uncomfortable marks. It will make you feel so much more comfortable while helping you reduce some sizes. Whether you’re at work or doing some other tasks, you will feel confident due to the removable straps.


The Different Types of Body Shapers

Say Yes! to Colombian Shapewear Benefits

There you have many options and reasons to include the Colombian Body Shapers in your everyday tools so you look like you’ve always dreamt. With the perfect mixture: hiding what you want to disguise and pointing out the curves you proudly have got to show.

Get all the different types of body shapers and many more on our website, dare to try a body shaper to help you get the best out of you.

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