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10 tips to reduce measurements with our Everyday Body Shapers

10 tips to reduce measurements with our Everyday Body Shapers

It is possible! And, how do we know it? Because we also live it every day.

Your body shape, no matter how old you are, will always be your top priority when it comes to looking good. All women, in any stage in life, have a question they want others to answer: Am I pretty? And yes, you are pretty as you are, but we all need some help (no exception), and our best allies to do that are the everyday body shapers, because they will help you enhance your curves.

To begin with, it is important to understand that according to a study carried out by the University Rafael Landívar from Guatemala: “Being overweight is not meaningful in the development of a healthy self-esteem”. Feeling good with yourself does not depend on your size, but we want to help you enhance your figure, and for that, we have some tricks that will help you along with our colombian everyday body shapers, of course.

everyday body shapers

The idea of wearing women’s shapewear can vary according to what you want to embellish in your body. These everyday body shapers are an excellent choice to feel even prettier at work, while hanging out with friends, in special dates and even when going to the gym.

Tips for the Everyday Body Shapers.

In this article we will give you different quick solutions to the wish of reaching the perfect measures in little time, or even immediately! You can have your perfect body.

Get paper and a pencil, write these tips down to put on your fridge’s door, and let’s get started:

everyday body shapers

These tips, along with our everyday body shapers, will make you feel even more beautiful and healthy.

Girdles to wear every day

Do you think all of this is possible to do in a visible and fast way? With the help of one of our everyday body shapers you’ll be able to get the expected results. In the first place, you must know which body parts are the ones you want to reduce in sizes, being honest with yourself go into our catalogue and select the one that will make you look a smaller size. We have some colombian everyday body shapers that will help your figure reduce sizes.

everyday body shapers

But in this opportunity I am going to suggest three of my favorite, the FAJA SALOME 0413 Braless Shapewear Salome is available from XS to 3XL, and you can wear it every day with any type of clothing. It is perfect to get the sexiest silhouette, apart from helping control your posture creating a delicate and slender aspect. It significantly reduces centimeters from your waist and belly. Salome 0413 stands your hips and bust out, it gets the best of your shape while it molds your abdomen, and it is hypoallergenic with powernet compression that helps flatten your skin after a surgical procedure, if that is the case.

The Salome 0413 is comfortable for you to wear it in your everyday routine, and you can wear it with all your clothes on without being noticed, because it comes in two different colors, black and beige for you to choose the one that suits you best.

On the other hand, if you prefer to feel freer when it comes to wearing a reducing colombian girdle, I love the Fajas Diane & Geordi 2405F Postpartum Body Shaper C Section which is super feminine, coquettish and very comfortable.

everyday body shapers

The Diane & Geordi 2405F girdle also comes in two different colors, black and beige for you to wear it with any clothing. You can find it from XS to the 4XL, it perfectly molds your hips and your rear will take a firmer and defined shape. I just love it!

This girdle also reinforces, controls and molds the abdominal area; with hooks in the crotch for whenever you go to the restroom. These hooks come in three different levels to be adjusted depending on the size of your torso. You will have a more natural shape in your body and thanks to its removable straps we can use it with all kinds of dresses and strapless. All of their seams, including the ones in the closures are flat, so they will not be noticed through your clothing, apart from it below the zipper you have hooks for an easier closure and for it not to fold in an uncomfortable way underneath your bust, it has an adjustable thick tape for a better grasp.

Another excellent option for everyday body shapers is the Faja Salome 0313 Waist Slimmer, it is a waist cincher vest style with nine rods that will help you improve your posture and to strengthen your back. At the same time it molds your waist and enhances your bust because it has elastic bands below it. It is only one size with a zipper and internal hooks, it has a lot more compression to reduce even more your sizes and adjustable and removable straps. A complete wonder!

everyday body shapers

The idea is to feel comfortable with the girdle that we choose, especially if we are going to wear it as an everyday body shapers, remember that the one you select will be with you anywhere you go, so be sure to choose right and start step by step with these tips to obtain optimal results.

Tell us, which steps are you going to start your sizes reduction with?

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  • Hello just had lipo done and was adviced to buy this fajas board .. what size is a U as i am small
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