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Find out why a post-surgery faja is key to achieving results

Find out why a post-surgery faja is key to achieving results

Find out why a post-surgery faja is key to achieving results. There are many benefits to be obtained by using one of these girdles to get a great relief, and feel safe after having gone under the knife in an operating room.

Let's start by telling you that these post-surgery fajas are manufactured in Colombia for the whole world, with the idea that people who have undergone any type of surgery, find a true ally for their days of convalescence and speedy recovery.

The result obtained with the compression that these post-surgery fajas, exert on the area of the body where stitches have been taken, is very beneficial for the patient, as it prevents the stitches from coming undone.

These girdles also offer a sense of security when people must leave the bed and take their first steps, and also come in various designs, each adaptable to any part of the body.

We are not only talking about models that cover the entire chest, or part of it, there are also other models that reach up to the ankles, it all depends on the need of each patient and also their tastes, as there are a variety of colors and designs to choose from.

Although in this post, we are referring to post-operative faja, we will not fail to mention other models such as those that have been specifically designed to tuck the abdomen, to reduce centimeters at waist level, to lift the tail, those that are to lift the bust, or reduce it, there are full body and half body.

two beautiful women wearing fajas colombianas to shape their figures

Characteristics of the Colombian girdles

In addition, these Colombian fajas are really designed to be used after a surgical intervention and are ideal for the patient's recovery stage, since they are made with an adjustable adjustment system in their fasteners.

In some models, the closure system comes with a row of straps arranged in three or even four rows to be adjusted progressively according to the needs of each user.

In the case of liposuction surgeries, these girdles are the most recommended to prevent the cavities from where the fat has been extracted from, from filling with liquid.

These fajas have been made with a very soft material, so that the intimate garment is not evident above the clothing, and are also available in various shades of skin color, and also in black and white colors, so that users can choose the color that best suits them.

But the most important thing is that they fulfill their main function, which is to compress the surgical area to prevent the accumulation of fluids and thus prevent infections, which would hinder a speedy recovery.

Its closure system comes with a zipper, which covers the rows of internal adjustable hooks, which is why these intimate garments are ideal for the chubbiest, who will be surprised to notice how they can go closing rows, as the use of the fajas is fulfilling its function of reducing measures.

There are specific models to be used after a cesarean section, for buttock augmentation operations, mammoplasty, either to increase or reduce, and also a large number of compressive lycra that are perfect for your routine exercises or to walk sports.

girls wearing fajas colombianas that highlight their charming curves

What models does Shapes Secrets offer?

Shapes Secrets offers a wide assortment of compression garments, post-surgical fajas, jeans and a large number of compression sportswear.

Among the most sought after models by its distinguished clientele, the following presentations are offered:


One or more of these models may fit your needs, and remember that they come in all sizes and in different sizes, and you get discounts from your first purchase, and in different colors.

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