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Does the use of post-operative fajas improve the outcome of cosmetic surgery?

Does the use of post-operative fajas improve the outcome of cosmetic surgery?

If you want to know if the use of post-operative fajas improves the outcome of cosmetic surgery, we will answer a resounding "yes".

The first thing is to explain to people that a post-operative compression faja, is an intimate garment, which has been designed to improve the conditions of a patient who has recently undergone surgery, by compressing the affected part, it helps to keep the wound well closed and prevents folds from forming.

These post-operative faja exert a compression effect which, in addition to preventing the stitches from coming loose, prevents the force that the recently operated patient exerts when moving or getting up from the operating table from causing pain.

On the other hand, we are sure that a post-operative compression faja, greatly reduces the possibility that the affected area may swell.

In addition, these fajas reduce the possibility of certain abnormalities such as folds and ripples forming in the skin, which in addition to hindering the healing process, are sure to leave skin blemishes and stains around the incision.

Also, these post-operative fajas avoid the possibility of knotting and keloids, since, by compressing the area affected by the suture, the wound is much more protected and not exposed to infection.

These fajas help to contain the bandage that is placed over the surgical gauze and keep it in place, thus, the wounds will heal properly without the risk of becoming infected by being exposed and in contact with the patient's clothes.

beautiful woman wearing a sonryse faja that enhance her curves

How long should post-operative compression fajas be used for?

This type of compression fajas, made by ShapeSecrets, should be used in the postoperative process, for a reasonable period of time, until the wound heals completely or until the doctor indicates it.

If the doctor indicates not to remove the post-operative fajas, at least two of these should be kept in order to replace it with a clean one, while the other one is being washed.

The prudential time to use these compression fajas is at least six weeks, but there are some people who get used to their use and then do not feel well without them, because they feel very comfortable while wearing them and even feel a great relief to have their organs compressed and not loose in the flabby flesh.

This type of fajas can be manipulated very easily due to the elasticity of the textures that are used for its adjustable confection.

We want to remind you that ShapeSecrets presents a great variety of models and colors so that the users can fulfill all their expectations regarding their style and preferences, according to each occasion.

Many of these intimate garments are strictly recommended to be used during periods, post-surgery, after cesarean sections, to lift the bust or bottom, or incredibly to mold them and reduce their appearance.

We must remember that there are women who are very opulent and far from wanting to exalt their volumes, they want to disguise them, well then, we recommend you to visit our store and choose the model that best suits you, according to what you want and how you want to look.

Also this store has in stock a great variety of compressive sportswear, full body rash guard, half body, up to the knees and tops in various colors and models to do your exercises.

beautiful woman wearing a sonryse faja that shapes her figure

Other advantages of using compression fajas

Before ending our article, we must comment on the great benefit that represents for a woman, use these compressive fajas daily, because in addition to look much more delicate and well turned, prevent the tissues are distended and form those uncomfortable and anti-aesthetic rolls in the area of the hips and waist.

As proof of what we are telling you, take off your ring, the one you always wear and see that instead, you will notice the effect of the usual compression, the same will happen with your waist and hips, if you routinely use a compression's fajas.

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