What‌ ‌kind‌ ‌of‌ ‌shapewear‌ ‌do‌ ‌celebrities‌ ‌wear?‌

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What‌ ‌kind‌ ‌of‌ ‌shapewear‌ ‌do‌ ‌celebrities‌ ‌wear?‌

One of the celebs’ beauty secrets (ahem, shapewear) has been exposed! Isn’t it great when you see that your favorite movie star also has secrets to look good not only at the red carpet but also during her daily routine? It surely feels great to know that. Some of them admit it, others may not be that eager to do so. However, the truth is out there: Shapewear for women has taken the world by storm, and that includes celebrities too!

Shapes Secrets invites you to take a look at your celebs’ favorite shapewear and the best Colombian fajas depending on the special occasions they use it for. Would you like to know what kind of shapewear celebrities wear?

What kind of shapewear do celebrities wear?

Many celebs and A-listers make shapewear for women their must-have armor on the red carpet to make sure their designer dress appears wonderful on camera and avoid any possible incident with their outfits (exactly what paparazzi and fashion critics always wait for.)

With so many options, celebrities don’t hesitate when it comes to the most suitable body shapers to feel confident in front of hundreds of flashing lights capturing every angle of their bodies. Their most preferred shapewear for women options are: 

  1. Shapewear high waisted shorts
  2. Tummy control thong
  3. Full body shaper
  4. Women's underwear
  5. Shapewear slip


1. Shapewear high waisted shorts:

The reason why shapewear high waisted shorts are so popular is due to their smart coverage and versatility. They accurately flatten the tummy, while lifting the butt and smoothing the hips. Stunning supermodel Karlie Kloss prefers to wear them under long dresses. She said she loves how high-waisted shorts smooth her silhouette without compromising her overall comfort.

If you’re pursuing that same level of confidence and targeted control, look no further. Shapes Secrets has two wonderful shaping shorts suggestions that smooth out those unwanted love handles and boost your natural curves.

If you want added control over your tummy without putting on a full body shaper like Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, Salome 0321 Booty Lifter High Waist Faja Shorts are the right fit for you. These shapewear high waisted shorts not only flatten belly pooch effectively but also lift your bum and improve your posture, and that’s not all. They also slim your thighs and stay put with their silicone lace. Need more reasons to grab yours?

Faja Salome 0321 Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Shorts

Let’s take a look at Laty Rose 21996 Butt Lifter Shaping Shorts as well. Their high compression, flat seams, and not-at-all-invisible butt-lifting effect turn them into many women’s favorites.


2. Tummy control thong:

Shapes Secrets doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to offering the best fajas for dresses or silky outfits. Tummy control thong bodysuits have earned ladies’ preference since they tone the midsection and lift your breasts without the risky VPL. Celebs like Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner love them to presume their dresses and bold outfits with these undergarments. If you haven’t worn them yet, Shapes Secrets also has amazing options you could give a try. You won’t be disappointed at all, we promise!

For starters, we suggest you get a glimpse of Fajas Salome 0351 Thong Body Shaper This Colombian faja controls your tummy and smooths your back in seconds. Its straps conceal armpit bulges and the hook-and-eye crotch is bathroom friendly, so no more no hassle when nature calls. And the best part? You can say “Bye, bye” to panty lines for good.

Salome Fajas 0351 Thong Bodysuit Shapewear

Other superstars like JLo, Rihanna and Rita Ora have mastered the nude-like outfits. Their jaw-dropping dresses seem to blend in with their skin and we obviously wanted to know their secret to that ‘fake nudity’. Stylists have their own favorite body shapers undergarments and have a special place for seamless bodysuits. 

For this reason, Shapes Secrets has taken the lead with stealthy shapers and present you Diane and Geordi Fajas DJ04L4 Seamless Strapless Thong Bodysuit. This seamless bodysuit smooths your silhouette and goes virtually unnoticed under your outfits. Its backless and strapless design is a bonus you shouldn’t miss.


3. Full body shaper

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, maybe you’re a full body shaper enthusiast like British actress Emily Blunt. Even though she’s slim, she’s also completely aware that the right body shaper for women is the ultimate game-changer to skyrocket her confidence. This proves to us that despite all the personal training and access to the latest food cleanse, famous people sometimes need the extra support that shapewear provides.

Needless to say, a full body shaper offers enhanced coverage and control simultaneously. Girls producer Lena Dunham has praised its benefits and proudly shown her bodysuit on her Instagram.  

Let’s take Fajas Salome 0215 Postpartum Body Shaper for example. This wonderful Colombian body shaper is your best option to control your tummy, highlight your derrière and its strapless design works perfectly under off-the-shoulder dresses or tops. Featuring outer Powernet and cotton lining, your skin will be protected while your curves will be happy. That’s why Salome bodysuits will always be the staple garments in your wardrobe.

However, other celebs just prefer the exact amount of coverage and nothing else. Mexican singer Paulina Rubio prefers shapewear bodysuits that lift your breasts and tone your core, and let’s admit it, her hourglass silhouette is something we’d like to achieve ourselves, aren’t we right?

Shapes Secrets is proud to offer the most remarkable shapewear bodysuits that elongate your silhouette, control flabbiness, and keep everything where it’s supposed to be, just like Fajas Sonryse 066 Tummy Control Shapewear. If we compare your outfit to an art masterpiece, this fantastic body shaper for women would be the perfect canvas. Strapless, seamless, breathable, lightweight; the adjectives could go on and on. Get creative and be ready for that golden look exactly like Paulina, a.k.a. “la Chica Dorada.”

Fajas Colombianas Sonryse 066 Tummy Control Shapewear

4. Women's underwear

We’ve been talking about undergarments for a while, but we can’t leave undies out of our top choices. Oprah has admitted to saying goodbye to normal panties and wearing only shaper panties. Actress Kerry Washington once said she paired her stunning Dolce & Gabbana dress with a black high-waist panty. The result? Absolute magic! The reasoning is that panties offer precise control over your tummy and bum, and you can wear other pieces without suffocating or restraining yourself. And last but not least: No more “pooch” worries.

Say, shaper panties don’t necessarily have to look like granny panties. Remember Bridget Jones’ undies in the movie? That’s a huge no-no. Shapes Secrets has got your butt covered, literally, with the best underwear for women available. Fajas Laty Rose 21896 Butt Lifting Push Up Panties are the ones you’ll love immediately. This shapewear panty features a convenient hiphugger style and seamless finishes. However, the butt-lifting that produces definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Laty Rose Fajas 21896 Butt Lifter Panties

Let’s take seamless finishes to a whole new level, shall we? Shapes Secrets offers other seamless panties you should pay attention to. Romanza 2036 High Waisted Shapewear Panty has pretty much all the features we ask from perfect underwear: tummy control, butt-lifting effect, and silky-smooth fabric that caress your skin. Its high-waisted lace helps the garment stay put and its unnoticeable finishes make you forget about VPL (that won’t exist in your dictionary anymore.)

Maybe Bridget Jones would’ve felt more self-assured with any of the previous suggestions. Sadly, she had no idea of these, but you’re only a click away from your perfect women's underwear

5. Shapewear slip

When we talk about body shapers, shapewear slip isn’t maybe the first undergarment that comes to our minds. The truth is that the right slip outlines your figure and keeps your dress from clinging and bunching altogether. It also conceals those annoying VPLs. While it offers low compression, the confidence it gives you isn’t that little. Today Show host Kathy Lee Gifford flaunted her slip dress with nothing else, that’s the level of self-assurance we’re talking about!

What is the best shapewear slip? Shapes Secrets also has amazing options you can choose from. MariaE Fajas FU112 Shapewear Slip Dress gives smooth curves a new meaning. Its open bust design lifts your breasts while flattering your silhouette in seconds. Its adjustable straps are extra comfy and avoid marks on your shoulders. With this shapewear slip, there are no excuses to ditch that skin-tight or flowy summer dress that is still hanging in your closet. 

MariaE Fajas FU112 Shapewear Slip Dress

Only for the red carpet? Well, not exactly…

Sarah Hyland, Tyra Banks, Robin Wright, Miranda Lambert, and Oprah have something in common. Any guess? These 5 fantastic women admitted they use shapewear everyday! Actress and professional dancer Jenna Dewan prefers to use her girdle when she gets home before she puts on her comfy sweatpants.

Probably you’d be wondering at this moment: “Every day, for real? Give me a break!” Don’t get them wrong. These are only 5 reasons that back up celebs’ decision to wear shapewear for women on a daily basis:

  1. Shapewear for women plays a key role in boosting self-confidence (in or out or the red carpet).
  2. It helps to improve your figure and your posture effortlessly.
  3. Shapewear smooths out lumps and bumps, flattens your tummy, and controls your hips.
  4. Colombian fajas outline your natural curves and lift your booty instantly.
  5. Fajas help to avoid the feared VPL (Visible Panty Line).

Other famous people even go one step further. Social media moguls like Chrissy Teigen and Khloe Kardashian have said they repurposed their regular body shapers as activewear. How come? Shapewear has been incredibly updated and nowadays it features high-tech fabrics that wick away moisture, let your skin breathe, and hold you in all day no matter what you do. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect sportswear? We think it does!

To sum up, if you’re looking for a celeb red-carpet look while not pursuing extreme dieting, going under the knife or spending thousands of dollars in not-so-magical aesthetic treatments, you should keep these Colombian shapewear options on your radar. Shapewear for women is not the sausage-casing garment it once was, but the ultimate key to looking glam. And the best news? Shapes Secrets has the best Colombian fajas solution for all types of figures and the targeted body area you want to smooth out. Check our online store and get your shapewear for women now.

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