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How to create chic outfit ideas to go shopping

How to create chic outfit ideas to go shopping

Wondering how to dress to go shopping? Discover these chic outfit ideas

Have you ever felt a little tired when you go shopping? Putting and taking clothes off, decide what to buy and carry bags on you can be exhausting after a few hours. It might sound silly but one of the most important things before going to the mall and check all the stores you want it's feeling as comfortable and confident as possible about yourself. Its better not only to plan what to bring with you, save time and money, you have to know which kind of outfit works better when you shop, thats why we show you these comfy cute outfit ideas.

You'll choose better the pieces want to buy if you feel confident with yourself, so the plan is you feel comfortable with these comfy cute outfit ideas. If you're in one of those days where you're not in the mood to go shopping, it's better if you do it in another moment. If you don't feel like shopping, you might stop buying things you need or want you want or think anything fits well.


Try to use a neutral makeup, as light and natural as possible. In this way, you can know which colors work better for your skin tones. It's better if you think how to do a makeup afterwards. On the other hand, you might sweat after walking for a few hours and you don't want to risk staining the store's items. In this case, less is more.


We know you want to look fabulous, but high heels can make make you go back home because you feel tired after a while. Flats are perfect for shopping; you can easily put them and take them off. Flats are versatile and but add enough style for you to look stunning even carrying many bags. The most important thing is that your feet will not hurt and you'll continue buying and buying.


Think about how many times you have to put them and take them off. It's better to wear items that don't take you too much time to take off and you can look stylish at the same time. And if you want to look beautiful and feel you've lost a few pounds and stop worrying about your bulges Laty Rose's bodysuits are ideal, and with the incredible Lowla's jeans you'll not have to wear any extra girdle to look skinnier because both garments have inner.


It's important to carry all the things you need in a comfortable but big bag and at the same time, you can use a versatile one if you want to see how it matches with other pieces. Vélez classic leather bags are perfect for that.


Having a nice hair the day you shop is a must. It doesn't mean you have to spend hours in the hair salon, but the idea is you can feel as gorgeous as possible.


We love these chic outfit ideas that besides making you look beautiful are perfect for go shopping.

Laty Rose Bodysuit: If you want to wear white, this is a very basic but chic item that brings style with the stripes and the heart shaped neckline cut. Its compression shapes your body into perfection. We love this one from Laty Rose.

Vélez Bag and Menina's flats: This blue leather Vélez matches perfectly with the Menina flat’s in the same color.

Lowla’s jeans: Do you want your silhouette to look like an hourglass figure? This pair of bluejeans is what you need in your closet.


Laty Rose's Bodysuit: With this compression bodysuit you don’t need to wear a girdle, it works like a bodyshaper and has one necklace included so you don’t have to worry about your accessories getting lost.

Menina's Flats: Silver is a really cool color if you want to pop up an outfit. It’s glamorous and matches perfectly with the bodysuit’s necklace. These Menina’s flats are comfortable but classy.

Vélez leather Bag:  Made with the best leather materials, definitely this bag is what you want; besides it matches with everything.

Lowla’s jeans: Do you want to feel you’ve been training the last months? These Bluejeans lift your butt so you can be gorgeous.  


If you want more information on how to dress for a casual ocassion, more cute fashion ideas or learn how to choose your garments visit our other blog posts and subscribe to our mailing list. 





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