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How to choose my postoperative faja ?

How to choose my postoperative faja ?

How to choose my postoperative faja?

Selecting the right post surgical faja can be a daunting task, especially when you're navigating the recovery process. We understand the myriad of questions surrounding the use of our garments, so let's dive in.

For those seeking a faja post surgery, particularly after undergoing procedures like liposuction or a tummy tuck, it's essential to opt for medium to high compression garments with adjustable levels. In the initial days following your faja surgery, a medium compression faja after surgery can be beneficial in reducing swelling without causing discomfort. For this purpose, we recommend our triconet girdles, such as the Sonryse triconet 66 butt lifter girdle, which serves as an excellent stage 1 tummy tuck compression garment. Alternatively, a Powernet faja body shaper after surgery can be worn, starting at the loosest hook level and adjusting as needed. In this context, the Sonryse references 086 or 066 are ideal post op fajas

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For those who've undergone BBL surgery, it's crucial to choose a faja for surgery that has a broad bottom to ensure a natural butt lift. Our surgical faja garments are crafted from nylon, a material known for its cooling and soft properties. This ensures no unwanted indentations or marks that might compromise the surgical results. The Sonryse 086 and 066 fajas post tummy tuck are perfectly tailored for your posterior, making them some of the best post surgery faja options available.

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