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Girdles for Dresses for a Sexy Shape

Girdles for Dresses for a Sexy Shape

Girdles: A Must Have in Your Wardrobes

For many years, women have been trying to achieve a perfect body shape, and is no secret that girdles have existed in their lives for that long. In fact, fajas come from corsets that were used by woman since the Victorian era. And there’s maybe a reason why they’ve lasted so long across the time.

fajaWe are happy they've improved!

Of course we can’t compare today’s girdles with the first types of corsets existing, but they are indispensable in any woman’s life to achieve the hourglass figure they want so much, providing woman confidence and a good looking body. But we’re happy to say, Colombian fajas are also comfortable and have been improved to offer a better use to ladies.



colombian fajaEveryone wear fajas!

Currently many celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan have admitted they use girdles to have a tiny waist. Of course is one of the best secrets for women to be slimmer in a very fast way, or to complement the workout they’ve been doing for weeks. And it really does work great, in both aspects as psychological, increasing self-esteem as you're looking and feeling better and by giving correct posture.

compression girdleOur pieces have several benefits

That’s why we make pieces with high compression, made of materials that help you smooth your abdomen and enhance your bust and hips. You'll want to wear them everyday in any occasion like going to the gym, after birth, postpartum or cosmetic surgery and. These Colombian fajas adjust to any body type and can be perfectly worn under any clothing, dresses, jeans or pants. 

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