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Fajas Salome

Fajas Salome 0517 | Salome Post Surgery Girdle

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Salome Post Surgery Girdle

Our Salome Post Surgery Girdle 0517 gives you the comfort and compression you need in areas in recovery after a cosmetic surgery. This Salome Full Body Shaper is one of the most effective items for body's molding and reduction. It provides bust enhancement and great adjustment on hips and abdomen.

The Salome Post Surgery Girdle 0517 provides excellent compression and a great fit to your body, its hypoallergenic properties prevent discomfort or damage to the skin. This Salome Full Body Shaper can be used as Postpartum Girdle, making the muscles and skin that have suffered changes during pregnancy, return to the corresponding place.

The Salome Post Surgery Girdle 0517 is made out of cotton in the inner part for comfort when it's in contact with your skin. The compression is produced by Powernet, which generates a great adjustment on your rear, thighs, hips, abdomen and back. Its straps are thick to generate an outstanding control on your shoulders.

This Salome Post Surgery Girdle has a modern and comfortable design, providing control on the areas you need to recover. This knee-high Salome Full Body Shaper Molds your body avoids fibrosis and it is not noticed under clothing.

Shapes Secrets - Salome Post Surgery Girdle

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