MARÍAE 9282 Post-Surgical Shapewear With Included Bra

$ 107.99

MARÍAE 9282 Post-Surgical Shapewear With Included Bra

If you went under the knife to get a outlined silhouette and you want to get excellent results on your body, MaríaE's post-surgical shapewear will be your way to go. MaríaE's postoperative shapewear will safeguard your skin and you'll feel comfy.

Your skin and body will go through changes after you come out of the OR. MaríaE's post-surgical shapewear will help the tissues go back to the right place and reduce inflammation. Many times, doctors recommend to walk to have a good circulation, and this post op shapewear allows you to freely move to keep your circulatory system working properly.

MaríaE's post-surgical shapewear is made of Powernet, a blend of Polyamide and Elastane, fabrics that offers you flexibility at the same time that compresses your shape. This material makes this garment long-lasting and resistant. The inner antiallergenic cotton layer provides comfort while safeguarding your skin against any irritation.

The knee length design lets MaríaE's post-surgical shapewear take care of every part of your body to speed up the recovery process. The sided zipper closure allows you to put this shapewear on or off easier and faster. This postoperative full shapewear includes a bra for your breast to be in the right place all the time.

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