Lowla 6021 | Control Shirt Flat ABS

by Lowla
$ 27.99
  • The body Control Shirt Flat ABS, compress your tummy and shapes your hips to give you a sexy shape without needing another shaping garment.
  • This shaper comes with a bra on the front that reaches the back, to give a sexy but classy cover to the breasts area, flattening the side armpit bulges that form when using a bra, and its design allows you to use it with jeans and be ready to go out.
  • The covered back design on this colombian body shaper flattens those unflattering back bulges giving you a smooth look on your back area. ̴Ì_
  • The armhole style makes this shapewear for women even more versatile, so you can use it during the day, for work and at night to go out while keeping your body tucked and shaped.
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