Be Shapy | M&D 0104 Butterfly Abdominal Board | Tummy Tuck Foam & Lipo Back Foam after BBL Pinch to zoom
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After surgery, you need total relief and comfort. This high-tech lipo board kit: 0105 ab board after tummy tuck, 003 lipo foam for back and 0104 butterfly ab board post surgery provides you with full control and support. This isn't an ordinary lipo board and foam set: together, they prevent fluid retention and skin folds while protecting your post op incisions.

  • M&D 0104 butterfly board after lipo offers you protection and support after surgery.
  • M&D 0105 ab board lipo foam gives you extra comfort and also avoids skin folds. 
  • M&D 003 lipo backboad prevents fluid retention after BBL.
  • This lipo foam boards set flattens your tummy, improve your posture and speeds up healing process.

  • 0104: Made of polystyrene, nylon, and elastane. 18" w x 9" h.
  • 0105: Made of polyurethane and polyester. 13" w x 12" h. 
  • 003: Made of polyurethane and polyester. 9" w x 7" h.
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