How many times have we dreamed of having that desired hourglass shape, tiny waist, long legs, and a flat tummy? It's pretty harsh when you've worked for so long and you just don’t get the results you’ve been looking forward to. In this blog we will give you the secret to get visible and faster results using the best Colombian girdles according to your body type.

Sometimes the key is not just to focus on nutrition, eating less, trying to find the perfect routine to trim off those extra inches, and toning up those areas that need to get in shape. Read up our article to get a great formula to achieve your body goals.

Each body type requires a different way of training and getting in shape. Hence, some bodies need more attention and control in some places than others. What’s the secret? Getting optimal compression with our stunning shapewear for women and also knowing your metabolism.

An important part of your annual renewal plan should be: be at peace with your own body and metabolism. There are several body types, with their own characteristics, shapes, and needs. Working on your body with awareness of how your metabolism works, your needs, how it burns fat and increases muscle mass will help you to get better results.

What’s the best shapewear for your body type?

There are different types of compression garments with their specific functions and we’ll assist you to find out which girdle for women helps you to model your figure in a more effective way, and moreover,  why it is better to focus on the journey and not just on the destination.

In women’s physiognomy, there are thousands of different body types. We’ll mention four basic and the most common types: Apple Body Shape, Pear Body Shape, Straight Body Shape, and the Hourglass Body Shape.

Metabolism is different in each organism, but it tends to work in similar ways on how the body assimilates nutrients and exercise. Each body type comprises some physical characteristics of the functioning of the nutrient processing system, fats, proteins, and carbs.

  • Hourglass Body Shape:

Hourglass body type features balanced hips and bust, with a stylized waist. Hips and bust ratio compared to the small waist size result in a curvy figure and tends to look like an hourglass.

Salome 0216 shapewear for women will define and shape up your hips, making you curvier and lifting your derriere. Its high compression properties will flatten your abdomen.


Getting Shaped Wearing Colombian Shapewear for Woman

Doing toning exercises will keep everything in place and help you burn fat; you should pay special attention to your limbs by doing weight lifting to tone up your muscles. Go cycling; go swimming and staying active will keep your figure in good condition and also an enviable silhouette.

  • Straight Body Shape:

Also called rectangle body shape, this body type tends to be quite common among women. A straight body Shape has an athletic look, hips and bust are balanced but the waist is not well defined as the hourglass body shape. It tends to get fat first in the torso, and then your upper thighs and arms.

MariaE 9142 is the ideal full body shaper to control your tummy as well as highlighting those sexy curves due to its inner hooks compression. Trim those unwanted love handles and outline your knockout curves to get the silhouette you've always wanted.



Straight body types should be careful with Trans fats since they tend to put on weight in the abdomen. To add some curves, focus on the lower abdomen and the obliques.

  • Pear Body Shape:

It’s a pretty feminine figure. Thick hips with a small and defined waist. Your body goal is to highlight your small waist and add volume to your breasts, to create a more balanced look. Diane & Geordi 2395 tummy control shapewear helps you stylize the lower part of the body, contouring your silhouette and giving you a curvalicious and striking figure. The compression in your thighs makes your legs look thinner in addition to regulating blood circulation. At the gym, try combining squats and cardio sessions at different intervals of time and intensity.


Getting Shaped Wearing Colombian Shapewear for Woman

  • Apple Body Shape:

They have a tendency to put on weight in the abdominal area. The main difference between apple-shaped figures and other body types, like pears, is that your upper body—your bust and shoulders—are about the same size as your waist and hips. This body type has the advantage of not putting on too much weight in the arms or legs so it’s able to reduce measurements faster.

Sonryse 010 full body shaper for women stylizes your figure by shaping it up and slightly balancing the core for a stunning appearance. Waist and hip compression provides you with an hourglass shape that will make you look sexy and proportioned.

Getting Shaped Wearing Colombian Shapewear for Woman

Focus on your abdominal fat.  Try running, biking, or swimming. Do leg workouts such as squats, deadlifts, and jumping jacks.  Keep working to get rid of the apple shape, avoiding fatty carbohydrates, sugar rich fruits, coffee, and soft drinks. That’s the key to your own bodily transformation.

And last but not least, to achieve the figure of your dreams you should begin by knowing yourself and your body. In order to be beautiful, you have to be healthy in the inside too.  We are delighted to share with you an infographic with key information about your possible body type and some tips that can help you to model and define your figure.