The importance of moisturizing the skin after surgery

The importance of moisturizing the skin after surgery
In today's article, we are going to refer to the importance of moisturizing the skin after surgery, since it is very important that no marks are left and that the skin heals progressively after having undergone any type of intervention.

Sometimes people have the need to undergo any type of surgery both for medical emergencies and for aesthetic reasons, either by whim or by necessity, it is advisable to apply care to the skin after surgery so that it has a good recovery process.

Careful care must be taken so as not to suffer from a shiny, wrinkled or bulging tissue that presents an undesirable and unpleasant appearance to the eye.

Dermatologists, according to their experience, recommend that the body should be kept hydrated at all times, drinking enough water a day is essential for the skin to fulfill its progressive regeneration processes.

We inform you that through urine, the body eliminates toxins and this contributes greatly to the newly operated skin to heal properly and promptly.

When the skin is not sufficiently hydrated and therefore has not eliminated toxins properly, infections can occur or at least the skin regeneration process slows down to the point of becoming complex.

Good healing is essential after the epithelial tissue has been disturbed in the epidermis by a scalpel. 

Hence, the need to keep the skin hydrated so that there is no physical evidence to regret after a surgical intervention.

That is why, even under normal conditions and without any surgical intervention, all doctors recommend the intake of at least 8 glasses of water per day to keep the body in full capacity to fulfill all its organic functions.


Good hydration is the basis of skin care

Of course, a good hydration is basic for all organic functions, even more if we refer to how a good hydration has an impact on the skin, especially after a surgical intervention or after having suffered any mishap that includes burns or scratches.

Not necessarily, this hydration is strictly limited to the intake of drinking water, you can alternate with glasses of water, a few glasses of natural fruit juices without sugar and any healthy or energy drink that contributes to properly hydrate people.

Energy drinks should not be included on a daily basis, and we also recommend that fruit juices be natural and without processed sugar so as not to contribute to the fact that sometimes "the remedy is worse than the disease", as the saying goes.

Excess sugar consumption will never be good for any organism, therefore, we must suppress processed sugar added to any food.

The process of skin rejuvenation is done from the inside out, that is why the care begins from the blood and from the organs to the epidermis, it does not mean that any ointment, poultice or cream that is prescribed to us, we should despise them, but be careful! Always consult your treating physician. 

Before ending this article, we should mention that some people tend to self-medicate or follow the advice of anyone who visits them during their convalescence, and people like to give recommendations and advice that they have not been asked for.

Other tips on skin care after surgery

Immediately after we have been exposed to surgery, it is natural that some relatives and friends come to visit us, generally they do not come alone, but they bring with them a heavy load of "grandma's advice". 

This advice may be right, but sometimes it is simply NOT, so be very cautious and do not apply any substance on the newly operated skin without first consulting.

All people are not the same, neither are all skin types the same. We must also keep in mind that science does not stop, on the contrary, it advances and advances by leaps and bounds and what was considered good before, may have been discovered that now, it is not so good.

We must then limit ourselves to carefully follow the advice of our doctor, and if possible seek second and third diagnoses and opinions, but that the advice or indications are supported by specialized doctors and not by charlatans or wizards of office.

Adequate hydration should be maintained, this contributes to eliminate toxins from your body, but you should not leave everything to the intake of water, you should also take other precautions and ingest anti-inflammatory, antibiotics and moisturizers in cream applied on the skin, if the doctor so indicated.

By way of information, we can say that Rosehip oil is ideal to achieve a good elasticity in the skin and to eliminate spots, wrinkles and scars, but as said, you should always consult a doctor before applying any medication on a wound.


Precautions for skin care and hydration

The consumption of liquor, tobacco and other drugs are definitely counterproductive for any type of healing that is why together with a good diet we must take into account these aspects.

Eliminating excess fatty products is another of the tips that should be taken into account to achieve a healthy skin and contribute to a good healing process of the skin after surgery.

But above all, the skin must be kept hydrated and well cleansed. Good hydration keeps the water levels in the skin balanced and this makes the skin's protective barrier more flexible and stronger.

The wounds caused in the skin should not be exposed to the sun's rays, that is why the necessary measures should be taken and kept properly protected.

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