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How to choose your post-surgery faja?

How to choose your post-surgery faja?

After surgery, it is important to have a good post-surgery faja that is effective. In general, after surgery, 80% of the result and your recovery will depend on the girdle you use. So, it is necessary to know how to choose, not only a good size but the ideal one for the type of surgery you have had.

Most surgeons recommend these garments after procedures such as liposculpture, abdominoplasty, or even a BBL. It is necessary that these garments exert the proper pressure, without being too much, but not so loose either. The proper pressure will help everything to be in its place and the result of the operation to be much more effective.

If you don't know how to choose the best faja after tummy tuck or even the best faja for BBL, don't worry. In this article, we will give you some recommendations that you can follow to find the ideal model. This way you can have a much more positive effect after having that ideal post-surgery faja.

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What you should know about the post-surgery faja

A post-surgery faja ensures that each patient can keep the body molded with the necessary compression and comfort. Thus, the results will be much more effective and the recovery will be able to flow more quickly after reducing the discomfort. The area that has been operated on will be stabilized, and protected the skin will adhere much better to the tissues, avoiding fluid retention.

The surgical girdles are generally used in all those surgeries related to the decrease in volume of the body. That is, in operations such as abdominoplasty, liposculpture, BBL, liposuction, or any other similar.

Advantages of using this type of fajas

Finding the best faja after tummy tuck or the best faja for BBL is important for the following reasons. We have compiled a list of advantages that these types of presses offer after they have been operated.

  •         Circulation improves in the area where the operation was carried out. This prevents bruises and bruises from appearing and recovery will be much faster.
  •         Fluid retention will be reduced due to pressure, so the inflammation will be reduced.
  •         All seromas, fibrosis or any other type of complication will be reduced by pressure.
  •         Correction of the patient's posture, which helps him to be molded correctly at the end of the operation. This is ideal, especially in aesthetic operations.
  •         The healing of the skin is more effective due to the equal pressure in the entire area that has been worked on. This way you will have much less flaccidity or even stretch marks.

woman using a faja at home

Follow these tips to choose the best faja

Now that you know the functions of a post-surgery faja, it is time to know how to choose one. In this way, all the advantages that we already mentioned, can be applied correctly to your body. It is always necessary to choose the ideal model for your body and type of surgery, so take note.

• Follow the recommendations given by professionals

The professionals are the ones who know the best option for a faja that you can wear after the surgery. It is always key to ask the surgeon or even the place where you are going to buy the faja depending on the type of operation. The ideal is to find the best faja after tummy tuck or the best faja for BBL if that is the case.

• Choose the correct size for your body

It is easy, but also very important so that you can perform the correct functions after surgery. Small size can lead us to have extreme pressure, where even our organs are affected. On the other hand, a very loose one will allow it to be noticed under the clothes that we wear this type of faja, and we know that we do not like this.

Consequently, it is necessary to choose the ideal size that can be worn under clothing without any problem. It will help us stay safer and that the result is what we are looking for.

• Pay attention to manufacturing materials

It is important to pay attention to the manufacturing materials with which the fajas are made. Some do not have the right fabric or the right type of Nylon and the results do not end up being the same. In addition to this, in some cases, they can cause skin irritation and allergy in some more extreme cases.

The faja you choose must have a hypoallergenic material, cotton being one of the most used. and the area where the zipper or seam is located will be more protected.

• That completely covers the intervened area

As we already mentioned, the area that has been intervened must be the one most covered by the faja. Therefore, when buying, always remember the type of intervention you are going to perform. The more you cover these areas, the better job you do for proper care.

A faja that works for a BBL-type intervention is not the same as a faja that will be used after tummy tuck. Thus, it is important to pay attention to these types of details when choosing fajas after surgery.

Choose the ideal post-surgery faja

Now that you know more about the post-surgery faja, it is time to choose the one that best suits your needs. Each of them can give you great advantages and your recovery can be much less painful and without complications. Remember that at ShapesSecrets we have the best Colombian girdles on the market that you cannot miss.

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