How to be a Shapes Secret brand Ambassador?

How to be a Shapes Secret brand Ambassador?

Social media has taught us new ways of communication and how to be closer to the women who inspire us, those who want to look their best and feel proud of who they are. Influencers tend not to be stars or celebs, but everyday people. Our goal in mind is to create our Shapes Secrets brand ambassador and influencers program, and this way, you can earn money as a brand representative.

The purpose is to continue creating community and connecting through the experiences of real women with our products. If you are a legal age woman, you live in the United States, you have a YouTube channel with more than 1000 views per video, TikTok, and an Instagram profile with more than 5000 followers, this is for you.

What does it take to be an influencer

How to be a Shapes Secret brand Ambassador?

Many things have been said recently about how to be an influencer and earn money on social networks. In Shapes Secrets, we saw this as an opportunity to communicate the benefits of our garments, and the quality of our brands through women experiences who use them.

Try on our garments! We will give you a kit specially designed for you and your needs. So you can share your experience with your community, we are sure you meet women interested in feeling secure and more comfortable in their skin.

We will also give you a personalized discount code that you can give to your followers. They can buy the garment they want in our online store. We know that many women in your networks will be grateful for the opportunity to buy at a special price. 

It's time to get started! 

How to be a Shapes Secret brand Ambassador?

If after you meet these requirements you believe that our Colombian shapewear is interesting for you and your community and you would like to be an ambassador of Shapes Secret. You will receive a referral commission for the sales generated from your profiles using your discount code.

What does it take to be an influencer of our brands?

  • Quality content: The content should be visually attractive and take care of the details. Especially generating value by effectively communicating that compression garments benefits.
  • Authenticity: Your voice and style are the most important. In Shapes Secrets, we love to see real women enjoying our girdles' benefits in their life. We want you to live it and tell it your way.
  • Strategy: We are here to provide you all the information and support you need to effectively communicate the benefits of our products, for each body type and each need.
  • Position: We will send you the recommended hashtags and keywords, a tracking link to record your conversions, and our account so that you can mention it in your publications.

What does a Shapes Secrets ambassador do?

An influencer or Shapes Secrets brand ambassador is in charge of communicating from her experience the value of our products. They are garments that help women feel safe, comfortable, and beautiful when showing off their curves, while we provide control in the areas they want to shape and define.

In Shapes Secrets, we offer compression garments specially designed to define the waist, flatten the abdomen, lift the buttocks, soften the silhouette and hide love handles to highlight the attributes.


If you are interested to know more information about how to become a brand ambassador with us, you can fill out the form found here

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